9 Best Cyclocross Bikes (Top-Rated Models As Reviewed By Experts)

9 Best Cyclocross Bikes (Top-Rated Models As Reviewed By Experts)

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Cyclocross is a great sport for people who want to try something new or have a natural talent for the sport. It is an elegant cycling discipline that demands the rider to be on their bike (or in many cases, on their hands and knees) for much of the time. It is considered to be one of the best workouts for your thighs and buttocks because of this, and it is a great way to get in shape. Here is some of the best cyclocross bikes for people who love the unique challenge of this sport.

If you’re looking for a cyclocross bike on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. The best cyclocross bikes on the market are only going to be a little over £700 (about $1052). The Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 is currently retailing at £699 (about $1072), while the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX is available for £699 (about $1072).

The best cyclocross bikes for 2019 are lightweight and durable, while still being able to tackle the most technical of tracks. The bikes that can handle these obstacles will win you races and give you that extra edge on the competition. The bikes that are the best reviewed by the best cyclocross experts in the industry are going to be your best choice for the upcoming season.. Read more about best cyclocross bikes under 1000 and let us know what you think.


According to our professional testers, these are the finest cyclocross bikes you can purchase in 2021.

Cyclocross has been around since the turn of the century and has become a well-known sport. However, it has never ceased changing in terms of bicycles, especially in recent years with the explosion of ever more sophisticated carbon fiber construction, the rise in popularity of disc brakes, and the move to tubeless tires.

Lower-cost cyclocross bikes have long been considered not just race machines, but also general workhorses, with rack and mudguard attachments, typically more road-oriented gearing, and sometimes shoddy construction.

They've got to be light enough to carry, stable enough to ride and sturdy enough to take plenty of abuse

They must be light enough to carry, steady enough to ride, and durable enough to withstand a lot of punishment. Immediate Media / Russell Burton

Bikes for cyclocross that are the best

  • £2,500 Apex Cannondale SuperX
  • £2,299 / $2,995 / $2,995 / $2,995 / $2,995 / $2,995 $3,499 TCX Advanced Pro2 by Giant
  • CruX Expert specialized: £4,250 / $4,700
  • £3,499 / $4,299.99 / €3,999.99 / $3,999.99 / AU$3,999.99 $5,999.99 Vitus EVO CRS Vitus Energie EVO CRS Vitus Energie EVO CRS Vit
  • £2,399 for the 9.2 Boardman CXR.
  • £3,600 / AU$5,000 CX 8000 Merida Merida Merida Merida Merida Merida Me
  • £3,249 / $3,462 / $5,800 Ribble CX SL Pro Ribble CX SL Pro Ribble CX SL Pro
  • £2,104 CX5 Ribble (as tested)
  • £2,500 / $2,929 Crockett, Trek 7

The introduction of specialized adventure and gravel bikes has not only provided additional niches for manufacturers to fill, but it has also restored the purity of purpose of cyclocross bikes.

With the right tires, you could simply adapt them for training, commuting, or gravel usage.

Cannondale SuperX Apex

Cannondale Super X Apex

The Super X Apex is still one of the most popular CX bikes on the market. In addition to cycling,

  • £2,500
  • A fantastic first racing bike.
  • Top kit
  • Sorted picture frame

Despite the fact that this model was launched many years ago, it remains one of the most popular CX bikes on the market, due to its excellent specification that is well-suited to contemporary cyclocross racing.

The bike maintains all of the functionality of the more costly choices while using less expensive and heavier components, such as SRAM’s somewhat less expensive Apex 1 and Cannondale’s proprietary Si aluminum crankset with a 40t X-Sync-toothed chainring.

Top kit and a high-performing frame make for an excellent bike

An great bike is made up of top-of-the-line components and a high-performance frame. Immediate Media / Russell Burton

On difficult terrain or lengthy, rapid descents, the comfortable geometry (71-degree head angle) encourages confidence.

Overall, the bike’s excellent frameset and reasonably low price open the door to top-level performance, and it’s a terrific place to start upgrading.

Giant TCX Advanced Pro2

Giant's TCX is another awesome performer

The TCX from Giant is another outstanding performer. In addition to cycling,

  • £2,299 / $2,995 / AU$3,499
  • Convenient and quick
  • A racer who thinks outside the box
  • Equipment was sorted.

The TCX, which has been around for a while, provides race-level technology at more reasonable costs thanks to the trickle-down effect.

The TCX has a purposeful fork and frame, as well as standard CX components including SRAM Rival 1 gears, Apex 1 brakes, and a mix of Giant’s own-brand components.

The TCX is ready to hit sandpits and flow out

The TCX is ready for sandpit action. Immediate Media / Russell Burton

The bike’s design provides flexy and rigid qualities where they’re most required. The small top tube and triangular seatstays aid comfort and flexibility on rocky terrain.

Overall, the bike has a lot of poise, and it’s simple to get used to how it handles. It’s a bike that makes you want to go faster and faster – a genuine top performer.

CruX Expert with a Focus

The CruX is a good looker!

The CruX is a stunning vehicle! Immediate Media/Robert Smith Photography

  • £4,250 / $4,700 / AU$4,750 $N/A
  • Particularly light-weight
  • There’s enough room for 40mm tires.
  • Excellent specs

Specialized claims that their 56cm CX frame weights just 900g thanks to the use of the same FACT 11r carbon frame and FACT 11r carbon fork as the other carbon models in the range. This is a remarkable figure, and it is 400 grams lighter than the previous edition.

The bike is equipped with an SRAM Force 1 drivetrain and carbon Praxis Zayante cranks. The wheels are likewise carbon, with Roval’s C 38 rims coupled to DT Swiss 350 hubs, and the bike’s total weight is 7.72kg with this level of component quality.

Small adjustments in riding posture don’t produce huge, dramatic changes in direction, thanks to the bike’s design, which walks a delicate balance between stability and agility. The tire clearance is perfect, and you can even put a 40mm tire if you want to.

Vitus Energie EVO CRS

The best cyclocross bikes

The all-new 2021 Energie EVO CRS Force eTap from Vitus. Immediate Media / Jack Luke

  • £3,499 / $4,299.99 / €3,999.99 / AU$5,999.99
  • Excellent value for money
  • Super-versatile
  • Excellent cross-friendly construction.

Vitus’ Energie EVO cyclocross bike has been updated for 2021, and this top-of-the-line Force eTap version is a highly competent bike with a value-packed construction and a flexible frameset that can be used in almost all disciplines.

The specs are ideal for cyclocross racing, but the bike’s wide clearances make it a great gravel bike as well. With the addition of mudguard mounts, Vitus has a winner on his hands.

Boardman CXR 9.2

Stealthy in grey, the Boardman's a top performer

The Boardman was well-received despite his stealthy appearance. In addition to cycling,

  • £2,399 / $N/A / AU$N/A$N/A$N/A$N/A$N/A$ $N/A
  • Priced reasonably
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Disc brakes and SRAM Force drivetrain

The CXR frameset has been modified to offer the bike greater tire clearance and better handling. The C10 carbon frame and structure are shared throughout the whole CXR line of motorcycles.

The bike comes with a 1x SRAM Force 1 gear and 160mm disc brakes, but the frame may be converted to a 2x system if you want.

The Boardman's a solid bet whether you're jumping barriers or running up steps

Whether you’re leaping barriers or sprinting up stairs, the Boardman is a safe pick. Immediate Media / Russell Burton

The 11-36t cassette is coupled with a 40-tooth chainring, and we believe this combination is more than capable of conquering any CX course.

The CXR 9.2 is as quick and as willing as any good CX rider, weighing in just 8.23kg. It’s a budget-friendly racing bike that’s well-equipped, light, and maneuverable.

Merida Mission CX 8000

Merida Mission CX 8000

The 8000 CX has a composed ride over rutted grassland thanks to its Nano Matrix carbon frameset and carbon seatpost. Smith, Robert

  • £3,600 / $N/A / AU$N/A$N/A$N/A$N/A$N/A $5,000
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Performance that is serious enough to compete in a race
  • Additional adaptability

The Merida Mission CX 8000 isn’t the most affordable bike on our list, but it’s a serious racer with great ride quality, precise handling, and superb stability and control.

The Mission’s attractiveness is enhanced with a competitive 7.76kg weight figure, wide tire clearances, and a high-quality DT alloy wheelset.

The SRAM Force 1 group’s gear ratios are perfect for serious ‘cross racing, but with mudguards and a few small modifications, the Mission 8000 CX might be useful for a lot more than just time between the tapes.

Ribble CX SL Pro

The best cyclocross bikes

The CX SL Pro is a complete ‘cross package that is ready to compete. Smith, Robert

  • £3,249 / $3,462 / $5,800 / / / / / / / / / / /
  • Race-ready construction
  • Excellent tire clearance
  • Lines are nice and straight.

The Ribble CX SL comes in three different configurations: Sport, Enthusiast, and Pro. Every model is built on the same £1,200 frame, but each one is customized to a different price range.

We put the top-of-the-line Pro build to the test, which is intended for life between the course marker tapes. Tubular tires, for example, sacrifice convenience but are a must-have for traditionalist ‘cross racers.

Ribble CX5

Ribble CX5

The CX5 frame has a traditional appearance, with a nearly horizontal top tube. Smith, Robert

  • International price is TBC, however it is expected to be £2,104 (as tested).
  • Suitable for use on the road
  • Excellent value
  • Specifications that can be changed

The Ribble CX5 is a competent and affordable ‘cross bike with mudguard mounts for more flexibility on the road.

Although you may customize a build to fit your requirements and budget, the setup we tested featured SRAM’s Force 1 groupset, Mavic Aksium Disc wheels, and Deda finishing kit. The weight of our big CX5 test bike was a reasonable 8.39kg.

If we’re being picky, our test bike’s 42-ring and 11-32 cassette were a bit high for most ‘cross riders, but acceptable for road riding.

Trek Crockett 7

The Crockett is an almost all-aluminium build

The Crockett is nearly entirely made of aluminum. In addition to cycling,

  • £2,929 / $2,929 / AU$2,500 $N/A
  • Specifications are excellent.
  • Excellent aluminum frame
  • Exceptionally light weight

The Crockett’s all-aluminum frame is paired with a Trek IsoSpeed carbon fork, which is a tried-and-true design that provides just enough flex and stability to the bike’s ride.

Trek has replaced the cranks with Praxis Albas and a thin wide direct-mount 40-tooth chainring. The bike is equipped with SRAM’s Force 1 groupset. Bontrager, Trek’s in-house component brand, handles the remainder of the bike’s components.

Trek's Crockett will make you re-think whether carbon bikes are necessary

The Crockett from Trek will make you reconsider if carbon bikes are really required. Immediate Media / Russell Burton

The Crockett has a tight racing bike feel about it, but its 72-degree head angle and 73.6-degree seat angles make it feel at ease nearly everywhere.

The Crockett’s low weight of 8.6kg is remarkable for a nearly all-alloy bike, and it will make you consider the relative advantages of more exotic frame materials.

Take into account

There are four main types of bikes used in cyclocross racing—top tube, flat bar, road bike and hybrid. With the increased popularity of the sport, there is a huge selection of bikes to choose from. However, not all bikes are created equal, and choosing the right one can mean the difference between a good race and a great one. So, to help you make the right choice, we have broken down the best cyclocross bikes that money can buy. Here you will find top-rated models from some of the industry’s leading brands.. Read more about canyon cyclocross bikes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best cyclocross bike?

The best cyclocross bike is the one that fits your needs and preferences.

What is the lightest cyclocross bike?

The lightest cyclocross bike is the Trek Cyclocross Speed Concept.

Are cyclocross bikes good for road riding?

Cyclocross bikes are not good for road riding. They are designed to be used on a dirt course, and have a lot of features that make them suitable for this type of terrain.

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