6 Best Mountain Bike Shoes To Keep Your Toes In Check As You Pedal

6 Best Mountain Bike Shoes To Keep Your Toes In Check As You Pedal

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If you enjoy keeping in shape through biking or exploring hiking trails through the summer, you may find yourself in need of a good pair of mountain bike shoes. They make all the difference when it comes to the grip that they have on your bike’s pedals, and they’re engineered to give you long-lasting comfort while on your rides.

When it comes to choosing a brand to go with, you’ll find out that there are hundreds to choose. In this article, we’ve chosen the top six mountain bike shoes to keep your toes in check as you pedal that should be on your shopping list considerations. We’ll also provide all of the information needed to narrow down the perfect shoe for you. 

Product FAQ:

  1. What Are Mountain Bike Shoes?

Mountain bike shoes are shoes that are specifically designed to grip your pedals better and allow you more control and power so you can take on more challenging riding paths. There are generally two different styles available to you to choose from which have different purposes depending on what kind of rider you are.

  1. How Do Mountain Bike Shoes Benefit You?

As said previously, there are two different styles of mountain biking shoes that benefit you in different ways. 

There are flats which have a sticky outer sole that grip the pedals better than standard shoes and give you more freedom on your pedal.

And then there is the ironically named clipless mountain biking shoe which ‘clips’ your shoes into your pedals thanks to the uniquely shaped cleats on the underside of the shoe. Clipless shoes are best for ‘bunnyhopping’ and taking on more extreme mountain trails, especially when you need power pulling up your pedal as much as pushing down. 

  1. Where Can You Buy Mountain Bike Shoes?

You can generally buy mountain biking shoes from most online retailers such as Amazon like our listings. Otherwise, you will need to search for these shoes at more sport-centered cornerstone retail shops and their online stores. You won’t be able to find these kinds of shoes at any typical shop just because they come specialized in mountain biking in general.

  1. How Much Do People Usually Spend?

Mountain biking shoes can cost anywhere between $40.00 to $120.00 depending on the brand and what you’re looking for in features. 

How We Review Our Products

We base our reviews on several different factors that determine what gets a product on our lists; these factors include:

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are the most critical aspect of our rating process because they are the ones who have tried the product and provide valuable insight into how well the company keeps their promise of quality. 

Cost: While we don’t discredit a product only because it has a higher price tag, we do, however, look at what each product provides in their features and decide on whether the price is justified. If the price and features are on par, we will feature it.

Features: Does it do what it says it’s going to do? How well does it keep its promise? These are the questions we ask when we look at each product and then decide on whether it works well enough to be rated.

The Average Price Range Of Mountain Bike Shoes

The mountain bike shoes we’re rating will range between $40.00 to $70.00 on average. While they are cheaper than the high-end brands, they all are rated and reviewed to work well for mountain biking. 

The Best Mountain Bike Shoes To Keep Your Toes In Check As You Pedal

Gavin Off-Road Mountain Cycling Shoes 


  • Very comfortable
  • Clipless pedal system
  • Offers Good Support


  • Not Water Resistant

The Gavin off-road Mountain cycling shoes are available in European sizing conventions which they provided a convenient foot sizing chart for you to find your size easily. They should have a rigid sole that’s very stiff to provide optimal support while you’re in the middle of your cycling, and furthermore, they also are designed to work with the clipless pedal systems.

The spiked toe holes are threaded in and perfect for cyclocross racing or extreme mountain biking, even helping you and your bike get through all forms of loose dirt and mud. The shoes themselves work great with these following pedal brands:

  • Crank Brothers
  • MTB pedals
  • SPD

Well the cleats themselves are sold separately, they’re not hard to obtain and should be a consideration when you’re purchasing these shoes.

There is a fleet design built into the outsole that matches the fitting on your bike pedal and gives you better control while you’re riding. The three hook and loop closures that get provided on the shoe create a great way to customize the fit of your shoe to the size and shape of your foot. 

The shoes themselves are lightweight and Completely breathable thanks to the mesh panels that get featured along the top part of the shoe. The unfortunate part about these mesh panels is that it does not waterproof the boot, and you should be careful while you’re cycling through any deep mud pits or on rainy days to avoid your feet getting cold and wet. 

If you find the tissues I work best for you, you’ll only be able to pick them up in the one color style which is red and black, and you can find them on Amazon for $54.95, but this price is heavily dependent on the size that you need.

Diamondback Trace Clipless Pedal Compatible Cycling Shoe


  • Breathable mesh for dry feet
  • Outsole is durable
  • Provides great grip
  • Reinforced toe box


  • Heavy compared to other shoes

The Diamondback Trace clipless pedal cycling shoe has a suede body provided with a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet dry and Wick away sweat. You won’t have to worry about your foot hitting anything without protection, thanks to the reinforced toe and heel you’ll get the best durability love you can find for these shoes.  

Even if you don’t enjoy the mountain biking all year round, you can take these shoes and use them for indoor cycling without any hassles.

You’ll get the fact that you want without worrying about your laces coming undone thanks to the velcro lace keeper that’s settled above the top of the laces. This feature is also a great way to keep your laces out of your pedals which makes your writing experience that much safer. 

The outsole itself comes made out of rubber, and it provides a great way to get a good grip on both your bike pedals as well as the environment that you’re hiking on. These outsoles also offer a very comfortable way to walk around even when you’re not on your bike. 

One feature that we liked on these shoes is the fiberglass reinforced nylon that blinds the midsole to provide pedaling efficiency.

These shoes are SPD compatible, but they work just as well with other platform pedals. Currently, they only come in black and red as a color combination, but you can find these shoes on Amazon for between $69.99 up to $82.49. 

Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Shimano


  • Compatible with SPD pedal systems
  • Beveled heel
  • Lightweight


  • The pedals that come with the shoes come cheaply made

This listing comes as a set for both the shoes and the specified pedals that they work well. What are the major downside that people experience with the combo is at the pedals tend to be made cheaply so if you go to get these shoes oh, it might be a good idea to pick yourself up a different set of SPD pedals.

Otherwise, the shoe itself rates at a very satisfactory level many customers felt that they could get a considerable amount of comfort out of their shoe while they rode around and even when the shoes were on a bicycle, they could quickly go jogging in these shoes without any discomfort or awkwardness from the cleats on the outsole.

The shoes themselves only way 22 and 1/2 ounces, and they feature a form of advanced technology that helps you improve your overall cycling performance. For the price, you are getting a high-quality shoe that remains durable in all weather conditions. 

The shoes also flexible, especially in the forefoot which makes pedaling comfortably even in long hours of exercising.

The heel is beveled which means that if you were to go running in their shoes, you would have better kinetic energy from your heel to toe which reduces stress and tension on the arch of your foot. The construction of the shoe overall is low cut and lightweight so you won’t be held back or hindered by the design of the shoe.

There’s a removable sock liner within the lining of the shoe that you can easily wash in a washing machine on delicate settings. 

The uppers come made out of a mesh synthetic material that not only provides ideal ventilation to your feet while you’re exercising, it’s also a quick-drying material so even if you are riding in the rain, but you also won’t have wet feet the entire trip. 

Three velcro straps line the top of your shoe which helps gives a more secure and customized fit to your foot. Currently, there’s only one color available on the market which is black with gray highlights, and you can find the shoe and pedal combo on Amazon for $75. 

Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike Shoes


  • Accepts SPD, Crank Brothers, MTB shoe pedals
  • Non-stitch leather for comfort
  • Fiberglass injected sole
  • Fits as expected


  • May have to size smaller for women sizes
  • Stiff at first

Unlike a lot of the shoes that we featured in this list, this brand has provided its buyers with two different shoe colors: black with red and black with silver.  The two bolt cleat that gets contained on the under the sole of the shoe has broad range compatibility with SPD, MTB, and Crank Brothers pedals and works well with all of them.

Three carbon fiber velcro straps help the shoe fits securely to your foot while providing a comfortable fit during your bike ride. Additionally, this carbon fiber is used in the heel cup to help protect your feet from any unknown objects that you may encounter during your bike ride as well as provide additional stability words needed. 

The shoe features a no stitch mesh leather on the front of the shoe which provides additional comfort and thanks to the material it’s also lightweight. The tongue is centered and kept separate from the rest of the shoe to help your ankle move which allows you while your bicycling or even running. 

The midsole features a double injected fiberglass nylon material which not only provides additional rigidity to your sole; it also provides a way for your foot to stay comfortable while on longer trail rides. 

You’ll get to enjoy the added benefit of a perforated insole which provides a way for your sweat and any additional moisture to drain away which keeps your feet dry and warm the entire trip.  Ultimately, the shoe only weighs 346 grams and provides excellent arch support for individuals who need it.

If you like the shoe, you can pick it up on Amazon for as low as $48.95 up to $54.95 depending on the size that you need to purchase. Most people found that as long as they follow the sizing chart provided on the sale page, their shoe fit well.

Five Ten Freerider MTB Bike Shoes


  • Very Comfortable
  • Has Superb grip
  • Doesn’t need a clip to keep your feet in place


  • The grip takes time to adjust to; some customers didn’t like it.

This shoe is the first and only flat mountain biking shoe on our list, and the bread itself is one of the most highly rated brands for the styles of shoes. The first matter on our list is the fact that it comes with an impressive selection of colors and styles for someone to choose. These colorations include:

  • Grey and black
  • Black and khaki
  • Dark grey and orange
  • Light gray and solar yellow
  • Black gray and clear Grey
  • Brick red
  • Active orange with grey 5 

As said earlier, the bottom sole does not feature clip inserts, and you won’t have to worry about if they are functional with your pedals or not. This feature can be a benefit as well as a downside for a lot of people depending on what you’re looking for in a mountain biking shoe. If you need a shoe that can handle bunny Hops and extreme mountain biking, you may want to avoid days.

However, if you’re looking for a mountain biking shoes that gives you Superior grip without the need to clip into your pedals, then these might be right up your alley. They come made out of 100 percent leather for the uppers and synthetic materials for the soles.  

The sole itself gets made out of rubber which is beneficial for you because it gives an unparalleled grip to your pedal and won’t fall victim to sudden slippage at the worst possible time.

The company manages this by providing the patented stealth 51 rubber outsole which has a classic dotty tread which is designed to keep your feet glued to the pedals while you’re riding. Thanks to the suede and mesh upper combined with the soft leather, your feet will stay cool and dry all day long as well as provide the best comfort that a shoe can give.

Thankfully, they’re not only Amazing shoes for BMX riding, and these shoes are versatile enough to be used in day-to-day use as well which is optimal for someone who is looking for a nice pair of shoes but doesn’t want to buy just specialty styles for one or two things. 

For 86 percent of the customers who purchase these shoes, they found that the style and sizing fit as they expected which gives you a great chance at having the proper provide the first time around. You can purchase these shoes off of Amazon between the prices of $99.90 and $145.

Giro Carbide R Bike Shoes


  • Recessed Cleats
  • Comfortable fit
  • Simple Three-Strap Closure


  • The top strap can cause irritation

The Giro carbide bike shoes get made out of a high-quality synthetic fiber on the uppers that’s very breathable to allow sweat and dampness in the shoe to evaporate which keeps your feet dry and fresh during your exercise. You get provided a three strap closure system which enables your footwear to stay securely In place while also providing a custom fit for your foot. 

The outsole comes made out of an injected nylon which provides excellent traction thanks to the Deep lugs that are present along the sole. There’s even a mid-foot scuff guard that holds and accommodates the steel toe spikes. The footbed is molded Eva and provides a medium height arch support for your feet.

One of the biggest complaints that come with these shoes is the fact that the top strap can rub against the skin by your ankle if it sits too tightly against it. Other than that, they’re lightweight shoe at an affordable price, and they come in three different color combinations such as:

  • Black and charcoal
  • Gray and flame orange
  • Lime and black

If these shoes sound like the perfect shoe for you, you can find them on Amazon for $49 up to $108.60.

The Verdict

The final verdict for the products listed in this article is going to favor the FiveTen free-rider MTB flat shoes as well as the Gavin off-road mountain biking shoes.  While the FiveTen Freeriders are the only flat shoes that we have on this list, the quality and comfort that gets put into their manufacturing it’s something that both customers and mountain biking enthusiasts talk a lot.

Secondly, we feel that the Gavin off-road mountain biking shoes are a tremendous clipless shoe to use if you plan on doing any extreme mountain biking and you need shoes that can hold up against the wear and tear that comes with such an extreme sport. 

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