Can A Beach Cruiser Pull A Bike Trailer?

Can A Beach Cruiser Pull A Bike Trailer?

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Are you a parent who loves to ride on a beach cruiser but you need to take your children along when you go for your ride? Well, I have some good news for you. 

A beach cruiser can easily pull a bike trailer so you can take your young kids along for the ride. You can also use a beach cruiser to pull a bike trailer that is full of items if you need to. 

You don’t have to wait until your children are old enough to ride a bike on your own. You can get a child bike trailer and they can enjoy the fresh air with you! Taking your children with you on your bike ride is a great way to create some fond memories and for you to have more freedom so you aren’t stuck at home all day.  

Of course it isn’t as simple as adding a bike trailer and hitting the road. There are some important things to know before you get started. We will cover those things in the rest of this article. 


It actually works exactly how you would think it would. You can hitch the bike trailer to your beach cruiser, you place your child inside and strap them in, then get on your bike and start pedaling. You will of course want to make sure that you attached your trailer correctly so going for a test ride before you put your child inside is a smart idea. 

If you are planning on pulling a trailer when you purchase your bike then buying one with multiple gears is a good idea. If it is just you riding then a single gear beach cruiser is fine but once you start pulling additional weight having some lower gears can be quite helpful. 

Attaching the trailer will normally be an easy process but be sure and read the reviews of the trailer you are buying to make sure it doesn’t need any special equipment or welding to attach it to your bike. The last thing you want to do is pull it out of the box expecting an easy attachment and realize that you need to have a hitch welded to your bike. 

Pulling a trailer might not be an issue, however, you will be moving the extra weight of your children which will make it much harder to pedal your bicycle. Depending upon your ability and the weight of your children this could possibly be an issue to consider as well. This can especially become an issue as your children get older and start to get much bigger. 


  • It’s an incredible way to stay fit. What often comes with being a parent is a lack of time to hit the gym. That is especially true if you are a stay at home mom or dad and you have to take care of your child or children all day. Being able to take your kids with you on your bike trip eliminates the need for a gym. As long as it isn’t rainy or too hot or cold you can hop on a bike and hit the road! The extra weight that you are pulling because of the trailer and child inside just adds an extra boost to your workout.
  • It’s an extraordinary method to get some quality time for yourself and your children. Spending time with your children can be difficult as there always seems to be something to do. Being able to spend time with them while also exercising or even running errands is a great way to multi-task.
  • Each time you take a ride with your children in tow it will be a special experience for you and them. There is nothing better than hearing the laughter of a child that is simply having fun! Not only is it good for your children to get out and enjoy the fresh air but they will also have good memories of biking and exercising which can be helpful as they get older.

Pulling a bike trailer with your beach cruiser can be amazing but there are certainly downsides to it as well. 


  • Your traveling time can be much longer even if you are going shorter distances. With the extra weight that you will be pulling you can’t go near as fast as you could without a trailer and kid in tow. Keep that in mind especially if you are used to running errands on your bike solo and now have a trailer attached. It might take you 2-3 times longer than you are used to because of the added weight and the time to load and unload your child at each place.

  • Handling weight may cause a problem as well. Extra weight and the extra length of your bicycle  will influence how your bicycle steers and moves. The way that you steer and pedal may need to be changed when you add that trailer. You will also be considerably longer and wider than just a single bike so that is important to remember when you encounter other rides or pedestrians along the way.

  • Bike trailers will make your beach cruiser length longer, heavier, and harder to move. The extra opposition of two additional wheels will also mean that getting started is considerably harder than it used to be. If you choose a lightweight trailer that will help with this issue but it won’t fix it entirely.


Here are some great bits of advice on what to search for, and what to do when you’re thinking about a bicycle trailer for your child.

  • First of all, check the strength and weight of the bike trailer. Make sure you know what the trailer weighs and also how much weight it carries. Buying a lightweight trailer that will be able to carry your children until they are old enough to ride themselves is a good course of action.
  • Be sure and read the reviews about the specific trailer that you are considering. Look for pictures of the trailer in use and read the reviews that are 3-4 stars especially carefully. Those will often have the most helpful information in them.
  • Check the point where the trailer joins the cruiser. Make sure that you aren’t going to have any issues when you attach the trailer to your bike. Most trailers will work with all styles of bikes but making sure that the trailer will work with your bike BEFORE you purchase is a good plan.
  • The bike trailers which can change into a stroller will be a good choice. Being able to change the style as your child gets older is always a good option to have.
  • Make sure that you will be able to hear your child while you are riding. SOme trailers are designed to be more of a sealed unit while others are quite open. Being able to hear your child and if they are happy or upset can be helpful while you are riding.
  • The weather that you experience while you are cycling can destroy an amazing ride. It’s important you get a trailer that will protect your child from as much poor weather as possible. Ensure that the windows on the bike trailer are tinted, have UV protection, and the trailer has better than normal ventilation.
  • A bike trailer with a helmet pocket can be a nice plus. Nowadays many trailers have a little space where your youngsters’ heads can be placed, it helps them keep their heads up and keep them safer on the ride.
  • Having a bicycle trailer that has an option of removable wheels is a great thing to have. If nothing else, it will permit you to transport it in your car if you are going on a trip and want to bring the trailer along with you. This way you will be able to ride your bike in other places but at home.
  • The last thing I will mention is to learn about the laws and rules in your city and state. Some areas will allow bikes on boardwalks and pathways while other towns forbid it entirely. Knowing what the laws or rules are in your city can help make the ride more enjoyable and also keep you from getting in trouble with the police or local busybodies. 


Using a beach cruiser with a trailer is a great option if you are a parent or caretaker of a younger child. It offers additional bonding time as well as allows both of you to get some fresh air and exercise. Make sure to buy a trailer that is right for your bike and fits your child properly to keep them as safe as possible. 

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