Can You Stretch A Beach Cruiser Frame?

Can You Stretch A Beach Cruiser Frame?

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A beach cruiser is an amazing bike to use on a boardwalk, along the beach, or to cruise through a local park but if you’ve ever seen some stretch bikes you may wonder if that can be done to a beach cruiser. Wlel this article is for you as we are going to discuss everything you need to know about stretch beach cruisers. 

Can you stretch a beach cruiser frame? You don’t actually have to stretch your beach cruiser frame as many retailers sell beach cruisers that are stretched. Stretching your current bike will often be more difficult and expensive than selling it and buying an already stretched bike. 

In this article we will go into detail about the types of stretched beach cruisers and what are the benefits of a stretched beach cruiser. 


A stretched beach cruiser bike can be an incredible decision for a larger rider. Why would you want to be less comfortable on a bike when you can purchase a more comfortable one?

One main advantage of stretch frame bikes is their pedals are normally situated ahead of the seat so the rider’s legs are completely stretched out at the bottom of the pedal stroke and at the same time their feet can be flat on the ground when they are stopped. 

The elevated handlebars will also result in a pleasant seating and riding experience. The frames of this style bicycle are quite well-built in order to allow them to have higher weight limits than some of the smaller beach cruisers. A lot of riders prefer a stretched bike not for the comfort or ease of use but because they look quite amazing! It is kind of like when you see a limo going down the street, everyone just stops and stares. The same is true with stretched bikes. 


There are a variety of different stretched bikes on the market. Below I will give you an example of three different ones as well as what they look like. What is available is always changing so be sure and visit your favorite online or local bike shop to check out what options then have available. 

Micargi  Puma 3.0 Stretch Cruiser Bike


  • Frame: Micargi Chopper Oversized Hi-Ten Steel 
  • Total frame: 13″ 
  • Brakes: Coaster Brakes 
  • Handle Bars: Hi-Tem Steel Chrome Hi-Rise 15′ 
  • Centers: Coaster Brakes Black 68H 
  • Edges: Alloy Red front and back 24″X3.3″ 68H 
  • Tires: Front and back 24″X3.0 Flame Thread Black

Micargi 26″ Stretch Cruiser Bike


  • Shimano TX-35 7SP 
  • Circle Brakes (front and back)
  • Rise Handlebar 
  • Three-Piece Crank 
  • Front 29*80 MM and Back 26*80 MM 
  • Front Tire 29*3.0 and Back 26 x 3.0 

Micargi Seattle Thick Tire Cruiser Bike

On the off chance that you need some additional pad, you can get a stretch cruiser with fat tires. Fat tire bicycles are great for a smooth ride as well as for riding on sand or grassy areas. 


  • Casing: Micargi curiously large ten steel 
  • Fork: Triple tree fork compound crown 
  • Hi-ten steel chrome legs 
  • Handlebar: Retro cruiser bar compound chrome 
  • Brake: Coaster brake 
  • Edges: Alloy shading 26″ X 36H
  • Center points Coaster brake 36H 
  • Tires: 26″ 4.0″ 


Cruiser bikes are suitable for people who want  a casual and comfortable ride. Their large, tough frame and large tires make them easier to operate whether you are taking a relaxing ride down the cycle path or the beach way. Originally beach cruisers were thought of as boring or old fashioned but in recent years they have become quite stylish and many companies have built different models that even look quite “sporty”.  Despite the fact that cruiser bicycles are not intended for a workout, you will still burn a lot of calories by using these bikes. 


Aside from aesthetic benefits, stretched beach cruisers have a variety of different advantages that are extraordinary for your body. Riding a stretch cruiser bike will help you with your body training, cardiovascular wellness, equalization, and stamina. Biking is an activity that can be a full-body exercise, regardless of whether done only 20 minutes every day along the water or a few hours a week running errands. 


It is said that cycling can likewise assist you with removing the distress of a backache. Individuals with serious back pain will, in general, take up cycling to help limit and even eliminate the pain. When you are cycling, you are reinforcing the muscles around your spinal cord which will help you not be in as much pain since your muscles are stronger. Since a stretch beach cruiser is more comfortable for most people it is a great option for those who are trying to strengthen their back. 


The way that the handlebars are molded as compared to off-road bicycles, allows the rider to sit in a standing position. The handlebars are far apart,  with your arms further separated; your back will be compelled to be in a straight line rather than being slouched over like a normal bike. 

This way of sitting on the bicycle will guarantee that the back is somewhat straight and that you won’t be twisting it or hurting your body by poor posture. 


Many individuals tend to get back injuries from abrupt shocks or an excessive number of movements when riding a bicycle. Some people even get injured in a car or work accident. Stretch cruisers help your body to move tenderly and smoothly.  There are no unexpected shakes usually so riding such a bicycle is helpful in healing and building muscles. While recovering from any kind of physical damage, moving and building muscles can help you recover quicker than just sitting on a couch. 

Cruiser bicycles basically force you to sit upright and subsequently equally spread your body’s weight whereas an off-road bicycle can strain different pieces of your body. If you have an off-road bicycle, you will be situated slightly forward causing strain on your arms, neck, and other joints. Since the cruiser is intended for sitting up straight you won’t add additional strain to your other body parts. 

Despite the fact that cruiser bicycles are helpful for body posture, it is still important to talk with an expert and have them check the structure and settings on your bicycle before riding. In the event that you do have back issues, you should certainly talk with your doctor about the best type of bike for your injury and if you should be biking at all. At the end of the day riding a bike can help a lot of people but it certainly isn’t for everyone. 


Stretch beach cruisers are excellent bikes to use for comfort and to build muscles. Buying a stretch bike is often a better choice than trying to stretch your current bike yourself as the work and money involved in stretching a normal beach cruiser is often more than the cost of a new stretched bike. 

Stretched bikes have many advantages over traditional beach cruisers including being more comfortable and also looking better! Only you can decide which beach cruiser is best but for many people a stretched beach cruiser is exactly what they are looking for!  

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