Cube Bikes Review

Cube Bikes Review

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We know that comparing mountain bike gear can be a long, tedious process filled with wonder and many questions. There is such a variety of brands, models and performance levels available from all over the world. Choosing which gear will support you best along the trail takes time and careful consideration. We want to help make your search more efficient, so we’re laying out four competing mountain bikes in this article to give you an in-depth view of their specialties and ride performance.

Among the brands we discuss below, we will highlight Cube Bikes and their unique German craftsmanship, unit agility and race-winning rides. Recognizing that your time is valuable and you want to get out there and ride, we’ve put together these concise comparisons to give thorough, honest and comprehensive opinions on the most notable elements in each mountain bike model.

There are various places and shops where you can check out more information about Cube Bikes if you are excited by what you read about them here. More on that below. Let’s get started.

What Are Cube Bikes?

Cube Bikes is a German mountain bike company that is driven by an obsession with engineering and technological advancement. This brand is most noted for its passion to uphold incredibly high production standards by utilizing the control of a proprietary test laboratory. Cube Bikes offers a wide and unique selection of skillfully crafted bikes from easy riders to competitive electric bikes, which is an impressive range of application and years of compounded experience. Quality build and material are the main attributes of Cube

Bikes, and their frames have gone through countless sessions of redesign in the search for the most advanced and functional bike system. Cube Bikes uses its own C:68 Carbon Technology, which is sculpted from a low resin and high fiber composite material. Nearing obsessive in their manufacturing and material quality, Cube Bikes continues to progress in mountain bike technology by ensuring safe, sturdy and responsive bikes that will last for years no matter what the terrain may be.

The model we are specifically outlining below from Cube Bikes is the Cube TWO15 SL. This World Cup powerhouse is widely versatile and responsive, although it seems like a rugged mountain side climber. Cube Bikes presents a high-end shredder designed for precision, control and comfortable maneuverability.

Product Specs

This mountain bike from Cube Bikes is a unique, sleek and reliable machine that will take you through any type of trail with confidence. The TWO15 SL is built to navigate many styles of riding, including cross-country, all mountain, trails, gravity, and more. This model is a high-end mountain bike that has considerate design features that cut no corners except for the ones along your ride.

The TWO15 SL is lighter than it appears and incredibly tough for higher speeds and consistent agility. The components of this model are individually selected with purpose and refined vision to produce a racer’s dream unit. The TWO15 SL varies from 27.5 to 29-inch tires, depending on the rider size, and carries 200mm of travel. The bike also carries a dynamic frame composed of HPA Ultralight Hydroform, full aluminum and a Fox 40/49 fork. Its Magura MT7 brake system delivers precision stopping abilities.

The TWO15 SL is stocked with Sram’s GX DH 7-speed transmission, which sits upon a heavy-duty Fox Float X2 Factory shock system and DT CSW DH 3.7/3.9 wheels. Its Horst link suspension system positions this bike’s main pivot near the bottom bracket and the rear pivot point on the chain stay near the rear axle. Lastly, the TWO15 SL mountain bike relies on a MRP G3 chain guide, which is a high-performance and high-tolerance shield designed to protect your chain during rough rides and abusive maneuvers.


The TWO15 SL is a premium mountain bike offered at a high end price point. Although there is security in the strength and build quality of this bike, you can expect to pay for the ride you get with Cube Bikes. The TWO15 SL can be purchased for around $5,100. More information on how to purchase this model can be found at visiting

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Diamondback Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike
  • Beiou Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike
  • Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Cube TWO15 SL Mountain Bike

  • Price
  • Ride Performance
  • Design Quality
  • Special Features


Now, we must look at how the Cube TWO15 SL rides. This model is an excellent downhill pedaler with a responsive lift, ignition power and no pedal feedback. Sprints are not the highlight of this bike, and it handles more like a park mountain bike than a downhill racer. That being said, its rear suspension provides great traction and mid-stroke support for powerful moves.

This Cube Bikes model is intended for downhill and has impressive travel. Its short chain stays challenge stability, but they do increase overall bike mobility and reflex response. We recommend Cube Bikes for advanced riders who are looking for agility with firm frame response and heavy-duty bike construction.

The design quality is obvious with Cube Bikes, and the TWO15 SL does not sway from this trend. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is obvious and does not need additional input to get the bike out on the trail. Its complete and thoughtful design considers comfort, performance and longevity.

We really appreciate the thoughtful and sturdy design of this model, our one caveat being that the bottom bracket sits very low at 338mm, giving the bike a -27mm drop, which can cause pedals to strike the ground, depending on your riding style. However, the low bottom bracket improves stability on short and steep stints.

The Cube TWO15 SL is a minimalist mountain bike that leaves no component behind in terms of quality. Every part of this mountain bike is closely reviewed to give you a unique, versatile and long-lasting daily driver. Among our favorite features is its full-aluminum frame and Fox 40/49 fork, which gives the bike an incredibly strong and durable build. The overall design and construction of the TWO15 SL is carefully crafted to deliver on the trail with precise traction and shock absorption.


  • High-quality materials and thoughtful build
  • Detailed German craftsmanship
  • Minimalistic design and features
  • Straightforward performance
  • Sturdy


  • High-end price point
  • Not built for extremely tough and rocky terrain, poor response to highly technical terrain
  • Ride feel does not match the intended 29-in. tires and travel.

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike

The next mountain bike we are checking out is the Diamondback Overdrive 29. This model is a hardtail mountain bike sitting on a carbon composite frame with 29-in. tires. This mountain bike is revered for its precision handling and powerful ride, which is due to its Boost 148 rear and front thru-axles.

A few more exciting features to the Diamondback Overdrive 29 are its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, a RockShox REBA RL fork, and an impressive drivetrain system.

The SRAM GX/NX offers the rider accuracy and quick-response when it matters most. There are many low-gear options with this drivetrain system, which reduces the pain and hassle of a front derailleur. The Overdrive 29 carries 29-in. wheels, giving you more control and access to tough and unpredictable rocky terrain. The Overdrive 29 will give you a valuable riding experience with comfort, speed and awesome response times.

Price $ – $$

This Diamondback model is an incredible value with excellent rider experience. You can purchase this mountain bike for around $1,499 on We recommend checking out this bike if you are a beginner or advanced rider looking for an economical, high-performer to add to your arsenal.

Ride Performance ****

We really like the ride of the Diamondback Overdrive 29, which we felt was smooth, flexible and quick to respond. Its intuitive operation is paired with a considerate design for long hauls with confidence.

Design Quality ****

Overall, the Overdrive 29 is equipped for trail riding and cross-country treks where terrain may be variable. Its frame is lightweight and easy to maneuver with thoughtful controls and a durable SR Suntour fork. Its wheels feel solid, and the shock absorption system performs well in unstable conditions.

The geometry of the Overdrive 29 can be awkward, depending on the rider’s for and body type. Stock grips are uncomfortable and cheap. We recommend replacing them and finding a higher quality seat, or the ride will be painful.

Special Features ****.4

Looking at the unique highlights of the Overdrive 29 by Diamondback, we think that its monocoque carbon frame is worth noting, as well as its 100mm RockShox Recon RL Solo Air fork. Its tubeless compatible wheels give you more expansion options for compact travel backups, and the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are quick to respond for safe and agile riding.


  • Low-end price point, great value and solid build
  • Tubeless tire options
  • Well-designed mountain bike with quality components
  • Shimano hydraulic breaks
  • Well-round cross country hauler


  • Downhill ride needs improvement, rough handling and shock response at high speeds
  • Uncomfortable stock seat and handlebar grips
  • Drivetrain may be compromised by aggressive riders

Beiou Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Moving on, let’s take a look at the Beiou Toray T700 Carbon Fiber mountain bike. This carbon fiber hardtail is a strong and sturdy performer for beginners and advanced riders searching for an affordable, maneuverable, and multi-purpose mountain bike.

Its Shimano components are designed to last, offering you many seasons of adventure, even in wet and challenging conditions.

A GTMRK 330/26-in. hydraulic suspension fork stabilizes this economy shredder while 26-in. wheels deliver quick maneuvers and reliable traction. With 27 speeds monitored and controlled by the SHIMANO ALTUS 370 system, you can ride confidently with total control and customization so that you can easily traverse a wide variety of terrain.

Price $

You can purchase the Beiou Toray T700 for around $899 on

Ride Performance ****

This carbon frame mountain bike offers riders a smooth experience with positive handling and precise reaction time. The bike is compiled of quality components with a sturdy feel and a body that is easy to assemble and maintain. Its body is built well to handle rocky or uneven terrain with ease, yet 26-in. tires give you better reign over tight turns and split-second actions.

Design Quality ***.5

The Beiou Toray T700 comes up short on rough terrain in its front suspension setup. Shock absorption is poor in this area of the bike. Its carbon fiber frame is reliably sturdy and lasting. The stock pedals and seat are likely to challenge the rider, so we recommend upgrading these elements. This bike will work for most users with a few custom improvements on quality.

Special Features ***

Shimano components and thick trail tires are great for maneuvering over uneven terrain. The bike has an economical price point, along with a quality build and a composite carbon fiber frame. Features are limited due to the price point, but the frame gives you excellent potential for custom additions.


  • Smooth and capable ride
  • Economical price point, accessible to most riders
  • Quality build and carbon fiber frame
  • Responsive in wet and weathered terrains


  • Product brand is based in China, not as well known
  • Many unlabeled and generic parts
  • Front suspension needs improvement for better shock absorption and ride experience

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Now, we will take a look at our last mountain bike comparison, which also happens to be our most economical selection. The Gravity FSX Dual Suspension mountain bike offers 24-speed gear shift and reliable Shimano components for improved riding experience and fluidity. This model is a competitive racer with a Suntour Dual Suspension fork for durable and agile response.

Its customizable suspension and preload function allows you to program the fork to best carry your weight. Equipped with Tektro Novela brake disks, an aluminum frame and 26-in. wheels, this low-end mountain bike covers the bases to deliver a reliable, yet comprehensive, rider that is perfect for beginners.

Price $

The Gravity FSX Dual Full Suspension mountain bike is a low-end, high-quality mountain bike that is great for beginners or people looking for an accessibly priced bike. You can purchase this model for around $359 on

Ride Performance ****

This is a confident rider that offers a smooth experience and surprisingly fluid motion. Its 26-in. tires give the rider a more maneuverable and lightweight, compact feel. The bike can handle whatever you throw at it, and it is especially great for beginners. With adjustments and fine tuning, this bike will perform well for many rough sessions on varied terrain.

Design Quality ***.5

Overall, this bike is a great fit and considerately designed, giving the rider everything they need to tackle challenging terrain, even in harsh weather conditions. The seat placement and geometry of the bike is what bothered us most about this model. Again, this frame is an excellent base for component upgrades, which will give you a more precise ride.

Special Features ***.5

Its suspension system and disc brakes offer quality and reliability to the ride. Front and rear suspension is adjustable and customizable to give you more control over the bike’s ride performance.


  • Adjustable Suntour suspension forks
  • Shimano gears
  • Quality and reliable disc brakes
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Awesome price for beginners


  • Lightweight pedals – expect to replace them
  • Uncomfortable stock seat
  • Self-assembly required
  • Not for tall riders


After thoroughly comparing these four mountain bikes, it is clear to see how they are all unique and offer a wide variety of price points to choose from. Of course, price can signify quality, but it truly depends on your skill level and how you want to ride the bike you are searching for.

Compared to the three other low to mid-range mountain bikes, we are confident in saying that mountain bikes constructed by Cube Bikes are of a whole other kind.

The Cube TWO15 SL is truly an expert-level mountain bike that is worth of four out of five stars. We like this Cube model for its high-quality materials and carefully calculated engineering, but we feel that its price point is a bit far out and its ride is a bit awkwardly suspended on such large 29-in. tires. We recommend checking further into any of these bikes to learn more as your search continues. Happy riding!

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