FLX Bike Review

FLX Bike Review

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Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as a mode of recreation and urban transportation. Before making a purchase, it is vital to consider many of the same factors you would when purchasing a standard bicycle. Users should consider frame construction, component quality, and overall price. For an electric bicycle, it is also important to consider the specifications of the motor and the battery. After a lengthy evaluation, we concluded that the FLX Bike is one of the top performing electric bicycles available today.

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Photo of Black FLX Bike Roadster

image source: FLX Bike

The FLX bike is an electric assist mountain bike with a suspension fork. This is a high-end electric bike designed to be durable and to fill all of your cycling needs. Whether you are a commuter, or you are looking for an electric bike for recreation, the FLX bike represents a great choice. It is unusual to find an electric bike designed to offer peak cycling performance. The FLX bike outperforms its competitors with a good component groupset and a superior frame. The designers did not cut corners, and the result is a fully functional mountain bike with electric assist capabilities that any level of rider will appreciate.


The FLX bike comes with a 6061 Aluminum alloy frame that is both lightweight and high performance. The bike features a Rock Shox FS Pike RCT3 font fork which will provide adequate suspension under most riding conditions. The wheels are 27.5″ Spank 345 Trail rims and feature a 2.5″ wide tire which makes this bike capable of handling winter weather. The component group features an SRAM EX1 drivetrain and SRAM EX1 derailleurs. Breaks are Magura MT5e 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

There are two motor choices available, the 1000W or 749W. The 749W is legal on roads while the 1000W is for off-road use only. The power source is a 48 Volt LG Lithium-ion battery that requires a four hour charge time. Because this is a pedal assist bicycle, the distance you can ride varies based on the amount of assist you chose. There are five levels of power assist ranging from 25% to a 200% increase in power. Even if the battery runs out, this bicycle still performs as a regular bicycle, so there is no fear of being stranded without transportation.


The FLX Bike is available for around $​$$. Customers can purchase this bicycle from online at retailers such as Amazon, and the FLX web page. Customers can also find this product at select local stores that feature bicycle or sporting equipment.


We subjected the FLX to a series of tests and compared it to various other electric assist bicycles already on the market. This provided a better perspective on where the FLX fits in with its competitors in terms of performance, durability, and price. The other electric assist bikes tested were: the ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, the NAKTO Electric Bicycle, and the Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike.


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PRICE $​$$


The Bafang Max motor has a nominal output of 1,000 Watts with a peak output of 1,350 and is capable of 160 Newton Meters of torque. We found this to be a high-performance motor that easily beat the competition. The amount of total speed depends on the strength of the rider, but this electric-assist bicycle is almost a motorcycle. The battery is 48 Volt and has a 17.5 Amp Hour rating, which will give you a high duration ride time.


There is a four-hour charge time, and the design to connect the battery is quick and efficient.


We loved that this bike featured a true mountain bike geometry. This bicycle features a clever integration of motor and battery units so as not to sacrifice any performance. The motor is top quality and compact. Overall, the aesthetic of the bicycle is very appealing. This is an attractive, well-designed, high-performance electric assist machine.


All bicycles come with an industry-standard one-year warranty.


  • High-performance frame geometry and component groups
  • Superior motor and battery life
  • Attractive bicycle


  • Wider tires are great for snow and off-road but have higher rolling resistance on pavement
  • High initial investment


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The ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike is available at a low price point at the expense of high-quality manufacturing, components, motor, and battery. The component groups are off brand and are not at all durable or functional. Out of the box we had problems with shifting, and even our professional mechanic couldn’t get the derailleurs to work properly. The frame is of cheap Aluminium alloy and was subject to flex when our more powerful riders took the bicycle for a ride.

The motor and battery set up were also beneath the standard set by the FLX bike. The bike comes with a 36V, 8 Amp Hour Ion lithium battery which is significantly lower on both counts than the battery featured on the FLX bike. There are only three power assist settings, and we found the motor to be sluggish and inefficient. Investing any money in a bicycle of this low quality is a waste of money.


The bicycle is available on online retailers such as Amazon and on the manufacturer’s web page. Customers may purchase this bicycle at select local retailers that offer sports or outdoor equipment.


The bicycle frame is of such low quality it is impossible to achieve high speeds. The frame flexes considerably under an even moderately powered pedal stroke. Pedaling power absorbed by the frame represents a decrease of speed. The motor for this bicycle didn’t offer much of an electric assist even at the top power rating, which quickly drained the battery. The bicycle is heavy, and not a functional ride without the electric assist.


The charging time for the ANCHEER battery was in the six-hour range, and the battery didn’t hold its charge as long as the battery for the FLX bike.


The ANCHEER is a low-quality bicycle that seems designed entirely around having a low purchasing price. Unfortunately, the low purchasing bike is at the expense of a product that functions as a bicycle. The frame is low quality, and the component groups are off brand and quick to malfunction. We had problems with this bicycle from the moment we pulled it out of the box. The electric assist function required more engineering than the manufacturers of this bicycle invested in it.


The manufacturer lists a six-month warranty on the company web page. However, the warranty details listed on the web page seems like a poor translation from another language, and are hard to understand.


  • Inexpensive
  • Diamond style frame design


  • Substandard frame
  • Substandard component group
  • Few selections on the electric assist
  • Motor lacks power, and the battery holds a limited charge


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The NAKTO electric bicycle features a step-through design that eliminates the crossbar. Although this design type makes the bike easier to mount, it reduces the stiffness of the frame and makes it impractical for anything other than casual use. The frame material is carbon steel, which is strong enough to overcome the drawbacks of the single tube design. However, carbon steel is heavy compared to aluminum, and makes for a sluggish bicycle. The NAKTO also features a basket on the handlebars which struck us as an odd accessory.

The NAKTO comes with a 36 Volt, 10 Amp Hour battery that does not perform at the level of the battery included with the FLX bike. The pedal assist only has one power option, but there is an electric mode which will take the rider about 20 miles before the battery runs out. The bicycle has Shimano components, but these components are so far down the Shimano product line they are basically discardable.

​The NAKTO is available on Amazon or through direct sale from the manufacturer.


The battery/motor system for the NAKTO was slightly better than the one on the ANCHEER. We liked the electric mode feature which allowed us to ride without pedaling. However, that mode depleted the battery quickly, and it is not really a practical operation mode.


The battery had about a 4 hour charge time and held its charge better than the ANCHEER.


This bike represented a moderate improvement over the ANCHEER, but was not in the class of the FLX bike. We applaud the decision to use carbon steel as a frame material because it made for a heavy, but functional bike. A more traditional diamond frame design would have been an improvement over the step-through design, but this bicycle is a functional heavy cruiser. The electric mode feature is a fun option, but overall we didn’t like this bicycle.


The company lists a standard one-year warranty, but again the details seem to be a poor translation from a foreign language.


  • Electric mode is a fun 20 mile ride
  • Carbon steel frame
  • Inexpensive


  • Bicycle is heavy
  • Poor quality component groups
  • Battery runs out of charge fast
  • Motor is not powerful


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The Kemanner electric mountain bike is another affordably priced electric assist bicycle that is lacking in overall quality. The Kemanner features a traditional diamond shaped bicycle frame with a crossbar. The bicycle advertises a suspension fork, but the model included is stiff and of poor construction. At this price point, the components are not of high quality, and we again had performance issues right out of the box.

The Kemanner features a 36 Volt 8 Amp Hour battery, and a 250 Watt stable motor. The battery and motor included with the Kemanner don’t boast the performance capacities of the higher quality hardware included with the FLX bike. This bike features two modes: electric bike and pedal assist. The control is a single switch that seems to be of poor manufacture. The electric bicycle mode on this model allowed us for around 15 miles of distance before depleting the battery.


The bicycle is available on Amazon and at select retailers.


The power output of the battery was unimpressive and depleted quickly. The motor seemed sluggish and not efficient for pedal assist. Speeds in electric bike mode were slow, and the bicycle struggled on inclines.


Charging time was approximately five hours.


We preferred the diamond-shaped frame to the step-through design of the NAKTO. Overall, this machine looked and performed like a bicycle. However, the low-quality component group and poor quality battery and motor left us underwhelmed.


No warranty information was available


  • Inexpensive bicycle
  • Has full electric bike mode
  • Diamond-shaped frame


  • Battery charge depletes quickly
  • Substandard components


Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular for recreation and for urban transport. Modern electric motors and batteries can supply riders with an immense boost that can double their ride speeds. Batteries are long-lasting and charged in the convenience of your own home. There are many factors for consumers to consider when they are in the market for an electric bike. It is desirable to select a bicycle with a high-performance frame and component set up. An efficient motor and long-lasting battery are the key additional considerations for an electric bicycle.

Besides the FLX bike, we tested the ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, the NAKTO electric bicycle, and the Kemanner electric mountain bike. These models were available for considerably less than the FLX bike. However, we found their frames and their component groups to be of substandard quality. Neither the motors nor the batteries of the comparison models came close to competing with the hardware provided with the FLX bike. We conclude that purchasing a discount priced electronic bicycle will cause a loss of money rather than create any savings.

The FLX bike is among the top of the class of electric bicycles. Featuring a well designed, high-performance frame and component group, the FLX bike is a strong performer with or without electric assist. The motor and battery are durable, long lasting, easy to care for, and quick to charge. This is a bicycle that will perform at optimal capacity under virtually any condition. The FLX bike represents a considerable investment, but this is an electric bike you can rely on.

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