Giant Mountain Bikes Review: Control Pace

Giant Mountain Bikes Review: Control Pace

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Whether you’re a novice mountain biker or a seasoned veteran, it’s crucial to perform thorough research while shopping for a new and high performing bicycle setup. We want to help you along your search by providing thoughtful reviews on several of the industry-leading mountain bike companies and their products.

This article offers you a detailed insight into four quality mountain bikes, including two Giant mountain bikes, and will discuss the bikes’ distinguishing features in order to supply you with a quality, side-by-side product comparison. Since mountain biking is a rather extreme sport, it is important for riders to take their time to examine each bike for its pros and cons and detailed design, safety, and overall performance even on the toughest trails.

First, we are highlighting two high-caliber Giant mountain bikes.

What Are Giant Mountain Bikes?

Giant is an impressive mountain bike company offering global access to top-of-the-line bikes in every category. Giant’s mission is to provide an “ultimate cycling experience” for every type of rider across many countries. The company is powered by innovative minds from many walks of life, interests, and skill sets. Being the world’s largest producer of high-end bikes, Giant offers its riders a unique product that continues to evolve as they do.

Giant has led the way for over 40 years, introducing aluminum frames and carbon fiber bikes to the world.Increasingly focused on producing lighter, faster, and more durable bikes, Giant also continues to expand accessibility to all levels of riders. Dedicating decades of innovation to increasing technology in carbon fiber frames, revolutionizing road biking comfort, suspension quality, and award-winning designs, Giant offers an awesome and truly historic selection of mountain bikes and trail riders.

Product Specs

Let’s start out by highlighting Giant mountain bikes, but more specifically, their Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle mountain bike model. Consistent with Giant’s legacy of innovation and pioneer design, the Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle gives riders ultimate control over diverse and challenging cross-country terrain with sturdy yet lightweight support from an ALUXX SL aluminum frame.

This powerful aluminum frame is easy to climb with and even faster to get going. The Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle by Giant is built for 29-inch wheels, giving you superior control, response, and agility. Along with a durable frame, this model boasts a refined and trademarked suspension system customized by Giant called Maestro Suspension.

This suspension system consists of four pivot points with two linkages that are designed to work together as if they are one pivot. This design increases the responsiveness, efficiency, and performance of the suspension system no matter what your terrain may be. This model comes in S, M, L, and XL, with hydraulic disc brakes; tubeless-ready, sleeve-joint rims; 25mm inner width rims; Fox Float DPS performance shock system; and Maxxis Recon Race 29X2.25, foldable, TLR, 60tpi, EXO, tubeless tires.


The Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle by Giant is a high-end mountain bike at an affordable price. Their performance is beyond their price point, which is why Giant mountain bikes are an incredible value—you can purchase this model from Giant for around $2,940 USD on By visiting their website you may also find a local retailer near you.

How They Compare

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29
  • Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive
  • BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike

Giant Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle

PRICE $$$ 
PERFORMANCE & COMFORTThis Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle Giant mountain bike is built to last and perform with agility just like you need out on the trail and while crossing diverse landscapes. Performance is top-of-the-line, delivering its rider with consistent balance, speed, and overall maneuverability even over tough and technical cross-country terrain. Its suspension system is great for turning agility and its trunnion-mount shock gives riders a fluid and smooth experience. Giant mountain bikes are reliable and pioneers in performance.
FEATURESIt has maestro suspension, FOX 32 SC fork for stable and agile riding, and is ready-to-ride and perform with ease on all stock parts. It has boost wider hub spacing for increased wheel stiffness and response on rugged, cross-country terrain.
DESIGN QUALITYThe design quality of the Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle by Giant is incredibly reliable and stunning with all of its stock mechanisms and parts. We appreciate this mountain bike because it comes ready-to-ride and race. Thoughtful design makes this bike rideable for days with comfort, maneuverability, and durability.
WARRANTYAll Giant mountain bikes come with a lifetime warranty on their frame as well as a limited one-year warranty on manufacturer parts. Bike registration is necessary to claim the warranty. You can visit for more information.


  • Incredible stock parts and performance
  • Median price point for a high-end mountain bike
  • Pioneer design and comfortability
  • Agile and responsive for diverse, cross-country terrain


  • “On” or “Off” remote lockout suspension, missing middle-ground for trail riding
  • No model specific for women
  • Challenging suspension setup and customization

Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29

Next, we will outline another high-performing model of Giant mountain bikes. The Trance Advanced Pro 29 is a composite frame trail bike with maestro suspension, a trunnion-mount shock system, 44mm offset fork, 29-inch wheels, and head and seat tube angles.

This Giant mountain bike focuses on traction, control, and agility. There are detailed differences between the two Trance Advanced Pro 29 1 and 0 models.

PRICE  $$$ The Trance Advanced Pro 29 by Giant comes in two models which have different perks to offer. You can purchase a Trance Advanced Pro 29 starting at around $5,250 USD on
PERFORMANCE & COMFORTThis mountain bike rides with power, stability, and precision. Designed as a short travel bike, this bike can handle diverse and challenging terrain with ease and grace. Its ear shock system supports the rider and increases general stability while riding steep trails and sharp mountain turns.
FEATURESA cool feature to note with this model is that the manufacturer offers carbon fiber and aluminum frame versions upon inquiry. It has maestro suspension, tubeless tires for awesome traction, and OverDrive—Giant’s oversized fork steerer tube technology. It also has SRAM guide T [F], 180mm [R], hydraulic disc brakes.
DESIGN QUALITYHigh-performing and reliable, the Trance Advanced Pro 29 is thoughtfully constructed with rugged trails, quick sprints, and aggressive riders in mind. Focusing on providing the rider with control yet speed, Giant brings us a backcountry trail bike that shreds with the help of five revolutionary technologies.
WARRANTYAll Giant mountain bikes come with a lifetime warranty on their frame as well as a limited one-year warranty on manufacturer parts. Bike registration is necessary to claim the warranty. You can visit for more information.


  • Updated maestro suspension system for a longer stroke and a smoother ride
  • Trunnion-mount shock system
  • Two models varying in detailed specs and price


  • High-end price range
  • 29-inch tires (slightly oversized)

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive

Moving on, we will look at an entirely different brand of mountain bike, starting with the Diamondback Overdrive. This bike is durable but lightweight and is designed for cross-country trails. The Diamondback Overdrive is a hardtail mountain bike equipped with 29-inch wheels for navigating obstacles with ease.

The Overdrive consists of a 6061-T6 aluminum frame, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and comes in S, M, L, and XL. This Diamondback bike has a high-quality drivetrain utilizing Shimano 2×10 shifters. It also has a high-precision crankset with rear and front derailleurs.

PRICE  $In comparison to Giant mountain bikes, the Diamondback Overdrive is accessible to all riders and great for those who are just beginning to hit the trails. The Overdrive is at a low-end price point yet performs with superior quality. You can purchase the Diamondback Overdrive for around $600 USD on
PERFORMANCE & COMFORTAlthough the performance is incredible with this mountain bike, we find several of the stock parts to be very uncomfortable and not practical for long or aggressive rides. The grips, pedals, and seat are all worth replacing to find elements which are much more comfortable so that you can ride for longer and with more precision. The bike rides very smoothly overall, performs on diverse terrain, and breaks with great power.
FEATURESComparing the Diamondback Overdrive to high-end mountain bikes such as those made by Giant, we can see the spectrum and difference in the quality of features. Relative to the price point for the Diamondback Overdrive, however, we feel this bike rides like a dream after a few exchanges of stock elements.
DESIGN QUALITYThis bike has solid construction and a thoughtful design—everything necessary to perform under heavy use, abuse, and aggressive riding. It has high-performing disc brakes and adjustable front-end shocks. It is available in XS through XL sizes.
WARRANTYThe Diamondback Overdrive has a general one-year warranty on most parts of the bike and a lifetime warranty on the frame. The warranty is valid upon bike registration. You can visit for more information regarding the warranty.


  • Precision disc brakes
  • Smooth and responsive ride
  • Low-end price point
  • Great for novice riders and diverse terrain
  • Easy to assemble


  • Uncomfortable saddle and stock hand grips
  • Cheap pedals

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike

Last on our list of comparisons is the BEIOU carbon fiber 27.5 mountain bike. This bike is a mid-range mountain bike with a Toray T800 carbon fiber frame, hidden disc brakes, an air fork suspension system, and is designed as a hardtail mountain bike. This ultralight 10.7kg bike is supported by 27.5-inch wheels and carbon fiber hubs.

The BEIOU carbon fiber 27.5 mountain bike comes loaded with SHIMANO M315/M335 dual hydraulic disc brakes, UDING DH32 27.5″ air suspension fork, a pro-wheel integrated crank set, MAXXIS 27.5 inch tires, and a BEIOU carbon fiber unibody frame.

PRICE  $$The BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 inch mountain bike is an impressive cross-country bike at a mid-level price point. There are several options between colors and wheel sizes (27.5″ vs. 29″). This high-value mountain bike can be found for around $1249 USD on
PERFORMANCE & COMFORTOverall, this BEIOU performs very well and is ready to ride upon assembly. Smooth, reliable, and precise disc brakes make stopping and accelerating a breeze. The stock pedals and the seat will probably need replacing due to comfort/rider preference. The bike handles well under most practical conditions. It is likely not a professional grade mountain bike, but it performs with power and agility in most circumstances.
FEATURESThe main highlight of this mountain bike is its ultra-lightweight BEIOU carbon fiber unibody frame, SHIMANO M315/M335 dual hydraulic disc brakes, and a unique SHIMANO M610 DEORE Speed System—giving the rider an extra smooth boost on the trail and easy gear shifting when necessary.A
DESIGN QUALITYThis mountain bike has a beautiful aesthetic and thoughtful overall design. Riding with a solid set of derailers, SHIMANO shifting hub, and carbon fiber frame, the BEIOU 27.5 is reliable, sturdy, and clean.
WARRANTYCustomer service from BEIOU is awesome. However, no specific warranty information is available for this product. Contact the manufacturer for more information regarding product warranty.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ultra-lightweight for maneuverability and function
  • Mid-level price point—accessible to a wide variety of riders
  • Excellent value
  • Awesome customer service
  • Carbon fiber frame for durability, longevity, and performance


  • Uncomfortable saddle and cheap pedals
  • Common derailer issues
  • Low-end quality of a high-end bike and materials


Since we have now evaluated a few diverse and popular mountain bikes on the market, we are confident in our overall summary and rating of the Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle by Giant. This bike is great for extreme conditions and cross-country expeditions where ultra-lightweight gear is necessary.

The Anthem’s extremely durable aluminum frame is versatile and supported by Giant’s Maestro suspension system, giving this mountain bike the ultimate responsiveness, output, and functionality. The Anthem 29 2 NX Eagle by Giant is an incredible value that offers its riders security, precision, and powerful ability to climb even the roughest terrain.

Overall, as we took the time to compare two Giant mountain bikes with other competitors, we are confident in giving this mountain bike 4 stars out of 5. We are hoping to see more innovative developments in suspension customization and improvements on this model’s remote lockout system.

We hope that you have found this article to be helpful in breaking down diverse price points between Giant mountain bikes and other mountain bike brands and the value that each tier has to offer.

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