GT Mountain Bikes Review

GT Mountain Bikes Review

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GT mountain bikes are a brand of bicycles which are designed and built by GT Bicycles which was the brainchild of Gary Turner and Richard Long in 1979. The manufacturing process for GT bikes produces mountain bikes made for high-performance and durability while also remaining light and easy to use and ride. In this review of GT mountain bikes, we inform you about keys features of the bikes’ wheels, frames, and other components. In addition, we will tell you the price of each of the bikes we reviewed.

But first before we dive into details about the features, we will give you a general overview of GT mountain bikes. Specifically, we will talk about the bikes’ specifications and general pricing. We also tell you where you can buy GT mountain bikes.


GT mountain bikes are part of a line in the brand of GT bikes which comprises many other types of bicycles made for BMX enthusiasts, pro-racers, and road cyclists. GT mountain bikes are specifically made to handle off-road cycling which requires durable and high performing bicycles. They also cater for your comfort by being light and using design features that facilitate a more enjoyable and easier ride for the cyclist.


The use of a triple-triangle frame design is employed for sturdiness while also facilitating reduction of the vibration that rises from the rear wheel up to the seat. Where most mountain bikes have a design where the seat stays are directly attached to the seat tube, GT mountain bikes employ a design which ensures the seat stays directly attached to the top tube and is positioned parallel to the down tube. This design is credited with the reduction in vibration which typically travels up the rear wheel and up to the bike seat.

Another key feature is in the design and use of materials that produce a mountain bike which is both light and durable. Carbon and aluminum frames are common in GT mountain bikes. These materials, coupled with hydraulic suspension, make it much easier to lift or carry your bike over treacherous trails or to maneuver it while riding over rough, steep terrain.

The combination of the unique and sturdy design with a triple-triangle frame and long-lasting materials has earned GT mountain bikes a reputation for durability.


GT mountain bikes can be bought online and at specific local stores near you that stock bikes. The prices start at approximately $300 and run to thousands of dollars depending on the model bought and its specifications. Those who are looking to do extreme mountain biking will look at higher-priced models which may have more specialized features. Beginners can easily settle for more affordable models which are also easier to ride and operate.

Many cyclists opt for the DIY route where they buy different parts of the bicycle and assemble it by themselves into a custom-made bicycle of their own design. As long as one has experience with assembling a bicycle and knows which parts work in what way, it could be easy to create a crossbreed of two or more different GT mountain bikes which has all the advantages of each model and less of their shortcomings.

For the most part, many cyclists buy from websites or online stores, which are accredited resellers of the GT brand. These may be sports goods stores which focus specifically on cycling or they could be larger retailers who offer sporting goods in subsections of their wares. Obviously, the choice of where to buy depends on your personal preference. Many cyclists who want to assemble the bike themselves or those who want to buy special edition or pro models buy their mountain bikes online. While online, you can see testimonies of other users and make an informed choice about the bike you want.

For those who prefer the physical shopping experience, visiting a brick and mortar sporting goods store is the way to go. The obvious advantage here is that the buyer gets to see exactly what they’re buying before they hand over their money and the experience allows them to ask questions or get any clarifications from the seller. Another advantage is that there is no delay as opposed to online shopping which needs a waiting period for shipping.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.



PRICE   $$

The GT Aggressor Expert costs approximately $505.

FRAME   (4 OUT OF 5)

Made from 6061-T6, which is an aluminum alloy that contains silicon and magnesium, the GT Aggressor Expert’s frame has qualities which make it suitable for all-weather use. This aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion, which makes for an all-weather use bike whose durability is uncompromised regardless of riding locations with different weather.

This GT mountain bike has a replaceable derailleur or gear hanger which comes in handy as these parts are prone to bending or breakage in the event of a crash or a fall.


The wheels have a diameter of 27.5 inches and rather than go with the usual 36-spoke design, the GT Aggressor Expert features a 32-spoke design. This works to reduce the weight that is carried in each spoke and contributes to the overall weight of the wheel system.

The original tires that come with the bike are from the Kenda brand and they use a treading pattern which facilitates fast rolling while offering stability and good grip when cycling around corners.


This mountain bike combines All Terra and Shimano components which are basically the chainrings, cranks, and brackets and hangers. These are made for ease of replacement should the need arise and are available in most sports stores. To ensure safety, durability, and high performance, it is recommended that diligent research is done into compatibility of replacement components before making any changes or replacements. Ideally, the mountain bike can be delivered to a professional who will make all the replacements accurately and advise further.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy control and navigation
  • Excellent responsiveness on rough terrain


  • Uncomfortable saddle seat design which is too hard
  • Stiff suspension system with little play
  • Gear shift issues while riding



The GT Aggressor Sport costs around $350.

FRAME   (4 OUT OF 5)

The frame is made from the aluminum alloy, 6061-T6, to facilitate durability in all-weather use. However, due to its features and simple design, it is considered more of an all-rounder utility bicycle than strictly a mountain biking model. This means the frame can withstand daily use for those who prefer to cycle everywhere.

The frame is easily adjustable for cyclists who may use it for differing periods of time with differing body heights and also has very comfortable All Terra handle bar grips for prolonged use.  It can be used for day-to-day commuting and is easy to get used to even for novice cyclists. Its front and rear derailleurs are both Shimano and can be replaced upon breakage or bending.  


The wheels have a diameter of 27.5 inches and also use the 32-spoke design in a double-wall configuration. The total weight of the steel spokes comes to 14 grams. Again, this design aids in reducing the overall weight of the bike, thus facilitating easier handling for the rider. The original tires that come with the bike are not tubeless and require one to learn how to patch up punctures. However, this is a fairly simple process and a repair kit is small enough to carry around for such emergencies.


Just like the GT Aggressor Expert, the GT Aggressor Sport combines both Shimano and All Terra components in its build.  For example, the front and rear derailleur, shifters, brake system, cassette and even grips are all Shimano while the crankset and handlebar are All Terra.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Very affordable


  • Poor pedal grip
  • Not made for hardcore mountain biking
  • The parts are not durable
  • Uncomfortable saddle seat design which is too hard



The GT Avalanche Sport costs approximately $600.


Again, the frame is made from the aluminum alloy, 6061-T6, to facilitate durability and the attention to detail can be seen in the frame’s smooth edges which contributes towards making it even stronger with continued use. Since the GT Avalanche Sport is made for use over rougher terrain and for experienced mountain bikers, it has a few additional features for comfort such as mountain options for two, rather than just one, water bottles.

This GT mountain bike features a shorter stem which helps with weight distribution and increases the bike’s load-bearing capacity to make for easier riding downhill, regardless of the incline or rough terrain and weather.


The wheels have a diameter of 29 inches with All Tera spokes and are the All Terra Cypher brand famous for treading. These wheels offer stability on sharp corners and for riding in wet and slippery weather conditions. The wheels also come with a quick-release option for convenience.


The GT Avalanche Sport combines both Shimano and All Terra components in its build like most GT mountain bikes, but favors more All Terra components. This contributes to higher performance and durability. As with any GT mountain bike, these parts are all replaceable but due to the quality of the bike and the components themselves, replacements will not be as frequent as on other more affordable GT bike models.


  • Powerful hydraulic system
  • Durable
  • Great control
  • Stable


  • Expensive
  • Needs wider pedals for foot placement


PRICE  $$$

The GT Avalanche Elite costs approximately $720.


For durability, high performance and a lightweight, the frame is made from the aluminum alloy. The GT Avalanche Elite is considered a high-end GT mountain bike and features a complex yet efficient drivetrain to deliver unmatched pedaling efficiency and unparalleled control. For even more stability and control on hardcore trails and terrain, this bike comes fitted with a specialized SR Suntour suspension fork.

The head tube is slightly tapered to enhance steering precision. The handlebars have an adjustable switch which helps to lock the fork for steep climbs thus enhancing efficiency and conserving the rider’s energy.


The wheels have a diameter of 27.5 inches with an All Tera 32-spoke system with double walling. The wheels are the All Terra Cypher brand famous for treading and offers stability on sharp corners, making them great wheels for riding in wet and slippery weather conditions. The wheels also come with a quick-release option for convenience.


Just like the Avalanche Sport, the Avalanche Elite combines both Shimano and All Terra components in its build like most GT mountain bikes, but favors more All Terra components. This contributes to higher performance and durability.


  • Powerful hydraulic system and all-round powerful bike
  • Very efficient gear and drivetrain system


  • Very expensive
  • Too heavy and bulky
  • Hard to use for unseasoned cyclists and first-time users


With features typically found on a high -end GT mountain bike while maintaining a relatively affordable price, we would definitely have to go with the GT Avalanche Sport for our top pick. This is a great bike for beginners because of its ease of use while also maintaining its quality, comfort and performance. The GT Avalanche Sport is still a good choice for an experienced mountain biker who may be looking for an affordable mountain bike.

Experienced bikers have the option of having a GT mountain bike assembled instead of buying one straight off a supplier. This has the added advantage of providing one with the ability to buy higher-quality parts and have the bike customized precisely to personal taste. Depending on any additional or excluded features picked by any specific mountain biker, the overall price may end up being higher or lower than the price of buying a ready-made GT Avalanche Sport.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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