How Much Do Beach Cruisers Weigh?

How Much Do Beach Cruisers Weigh?

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Beach cruisers, also known as a cruiser bicycle is a bike that typically includes an upright seating position, balloon tires, a single-speed drivetrain, and a straightforward steel frame. These types of bikes are commonly used by people on vacation and can commonly be found for rent in towns on the beach. 

Beach cruisers are designed to be stable and easy to just pick up and ride. They are heavier than some other bikes and are not designed for speed. 

How much do beach cruisers weigh? An average beach cruiser will weigh between 35-40 pounds. The weight can vary by the manufacturer, if it is single gear or multi-gear, and what accessories are on the bike. If you need to know the exact weight of a bike then contacting the manufacturer with the model information should allow you to get exact information. 

One of the reasons why people love beach cruisers is its ability to be modified with a variety of accessories such as saddlebags, fenders, and lights. Each of those accessories will add weight to the bike, although not much. If you add a lot of customizations then the weight of your bike could be substantially more than a stock bike. 


Beach cruisers are built to be used primarily on paved streets or other hard surfaces. They are categorized as non-racing or non-touring bikes and are considered middleweight or heavyweight styles of road bikes. 

Beach cruisers are usually heavy, especially if you are purchasing or renting the less expensive models. However, most of them won’t weigh more than 40 pounds from most manufacturers. As the bike styles vary so will the weight of the bike. 

Some bikes have thicker metal for the top or bottom tubes so that can add to the weight. Other bikes have all of their tubes smaller so they will weigh a little less. 

The weight of the beach cruiser has much to do with the type of material used on the frame as well as any extra accessories or styling options that are added.. For instance, components made from heavy materials will typically weigh more and that will increase the weight of the bike. 


There are quite a few different benefits to have a lighter bike but the main ones are:

  • Easier to use
  • Easier to store
  • Can go faster
  • Don’t have to pedal as hard

Each of these are important to some people and not to others. For most people not having to pedal as hard to make the bike move is worth finding a lighter bike. Some people store their bike on the wall in their garage and have to lift it up and down everytime they want to go for a ride. Having a 60% lighter bike is certainly worthwhile in that scenario. 

Since most beach cruisers only have a single gear than being 20lbs lighter will allow you to go farther and faster without wearing out as quickly. That is a huge bonus for sure. 


Firmstrong Beach Cruisers Weight

Firmstrong is a well-known bicycle brand among bike lovers, and their beach cruiser is typically designed for ladies. These bikes are flexible, good-looking and come with speed options to fit almost any woman’s lifestyle whether they are on the beach or not. 

FIRMSTRONG beach cruisers come in a variety of different models and each model’s weight will vary a little bit. The lightest bike they currently have weighs 33 pounds and the heaviest bike weighs 43 pounds.

Their models include:

  • Urban Lady – Weighs 38 pounds
  • Urban Lady Aluminum – Weighs 33 pounds
  • Bella Classic – Weighs 43 pounds
  • Bella fashionista – Weighs 43 pounds
  • Chief Lady – Weighs 40 pounds

As you can see the type of metal that is used allows for a lighter bike vs the heavier steel frames.

Sixthreezero Beach Cruisers Weight

Sixthreezero is another notable brand for beach cruisers and is known for designing some of the best bikes for both men and women.

Some of their models include:

  • Body Ease: Comprises tension-free upright riding position, vibrazorb front suspension and soft suspension seat post that makes riding extremely easy. This bike weighs 34.5 pounds.
  • Pave ‘n Trail: This model is designed for maximum body comfort, and includes optimized frame geometry and Vibrazorb front suspension for shock absorption. This model is currently their lightest and it weighs 33.5 pounds.

  • Explore Your Range: With 7-speed external derailleur alongside its lightweight aluminum built, this model is perfect for beach riding. Plus it weighs just 39.7 pounds.

  • EVRYjourney: Sleek design with aluminum city frame and a four gear setting to suit any riding style. It weighs 39.7 pounds.

SCHWINN Beach Cruiser Weight

Schwinn is an American brand known for making great bicycles. The company has been designing bicycles that enable riders to experience the thrill of bicycling since they opened in 1895.

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike is considered by many to be the best beach cruiser that they have made to date. With its steel frame, this bike provides all the comfort needed to enjoy your ride while also offering a sturdy frame. 

Full fenders ensure dirt and mud does not get in the way of your day at the beach or park and the rear cargo rack carries everything you need to bring with you.

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike is quite a bit heavier than other beach cruisers on this list. It comes in weighing a whopping 52.5 pounds which is 60% more than the lightest bikes offered by other manufacturers. 

MARGARITAVILLE Beach Cruiser Weight

The Margaritaville Coast bike features a lightweight aluminum frame as well as Shimano 7 speed drivetrain with simple action Revo twist shifters, and front and back alloy side pull handbrakes. The soft padded seat and high rise handlebars offer a comfortable upright riding posture.

This beach cruiser weighs modest 41.6 pounds.

HUFFY Beach Cruiser Weight

The Huffy Nel Lusso is another great beach cruiser with excellent features. It comes with a front basket with enough room for your phone, jacket, keys and other items.

Huffy isn’t known for its quality but the bike itself is quite lightweight. The Huffy Nel Lusso beach cruiser weighs 38.7 pounds.

Critical Cycles Chatham men’s Beach Cruiser Weight

This is one of the best beach cruisers on the market. It is strong and perfectly-built. The frame of the bike is made of steel with great tensile strength. The thicker top tube gives it that aesthetic look that is perfect for the beach, as well as shock absorption.

Critical Cycles Chatham Men’s Beach Cruisers weighs just 39 pounds, making it one of the lightest beach cruisers out there while still looking quite nice and not being made of aluminum (which some people love and others hate). 

Kulana Beach Cruiser Weight

The Kulana Beach Cruiser is specifically designed for men and has many pros that any bike lover would appreciate. It is easy to ride and can also last much longer without needing constant repairs. It also has a gorgeous paint job that does not peel or wear off easily. 

This beach cruiser is a tad on the heavier side and weighs 41.9 pounds.


If you are looking for a beach cruiser that is as light as possible then you will want to find a bike with a smaller frame that is made of aluminum. You will also want to avoid extra accessories as they will increase the weight of the bike by 1-2 pounds each. That certainly doesn’t seem like much but when you add 3-4 different ones you can easily go from one of the lightest beach cruisers to one of the heaviest. 

Ultimately only you can decide how important the weight of your beach cruiser is. For some people it is just a minor consideration while other people have it on the top of their priority list. 

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