Marin Bikes Review

Marin Bikes Review

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So you’re ready to buy a bicycle – congratulations! A more active lifestyle and many outdoor adventures await you. Whether you’ll be riding for fitness, adventuring, commuting, or everyday use, there are several factors to consider before purchasing a bicycle.

Finding the right bike is an investment of your time and money so high-quality products are essential. Marin Bikes has been leading the way in the cycling world and just might have the high-quality product you are looking for.


Marin Bikes was established more than 30 years ago in the mountain biking mecca of Marin County, California. Since 1986, Marin Bikes has been shaping the mountain biking culture in California and beyond with a complete line of mountain, pavement, and kid’s bikes.

Bob Buckley founded Marin Bikes with the goal to to create affordable, quality bikes inspired by the burgeoning cycling scene and ever-expanding trail network in the hills surrounding Marin County and the Bay Area.

Now, it has expanded beyond just mountain bikes and offer a wide range of street and children’s bikes for both trail and city riding.


Marin Bikes offers several kinds of bikes: mountain bikes, pavement bikes, e-bikes, and kids’ bikes. The company builds the mountain bikes for rugged terrain such as mountains while pavement bikes are built for milder terrain and riding on asphalt.

The e-bikes which feature electrical pedal-assistance are made for either kind of terrain depending on the model, and the kids’ bikes are made just for kids.

Mountain Bikes

Marin Bikes’s mountain bike models include:

  • The Wolf Ridge Pro
  • The Wolf Ridge 9
  • The Wolf Ridge 8
  • The Attack Trail 7
  • The Attack Trail 8
  • The Rift Zone 1
  • The Rift Zone 2
  • The Rift Zone 3
  • The Hawk Hill
  • The Hawk Hill 2
  • The Hawk Hill 3
  • The B-17 1
  • The B-17 2
  • The B-17 3
  • The Bolinas Ridge 1
  • The Bolinas Ridge 2
  • The Wildcat Trail WFG 1
  • The Wildcat Trail WGF 3
  • The Wildcat WFG 5
  • The Bobcat Trail 3
  • The Bobcat Trail 4
  • The Bobcat Trail 5
  • The Nail Trail 6
  • The Nail Trail 7
  • The Pine Mountain
  • The Pine Mountain 1
  • The Pine Mountain 2

Pavement Bikes

Marin Bikes pavement models include:

  • The Argenta
  • The Argenta Comp
  • The Ravenna
  • The Cortina AX1
  • The Cortina AX2
  • The Nicasio
  • The Nicasio RC
  • The Gestalt 1
  • The Gestalt 2
  • The Gestalt X11
  • The Gestalt X10
  • The Four Corners
  • The Muirwoods
  • The Larkspur CS1
  • The Larkspur CS2
  • The Larkspur CS3
  • The Kentfield CS1
  • The Kentfield CS2
  • The Kentfield CS3
  • The San Rafael DS1
  • The San Rafael DS2
  • The San Rafael DS3
  • The San Rafael DS4
  • The San Anselmo DS1
  • The San Anselmo DS2
  • The San Anselmo DS3
  • The San Anselmo DS4
  • The Fairfax SC
  • The Fairfax SC1
  • The Fairfax SC2
  • The Fairfax SC2 IG
  • The Fairfax SC3
  • The Fairfax SC4
  • The Fairfax SC4 Belt
  • The Fairfax SC6 DLX
  • The Terra Linda SC2
  • The Terra Linda SC4
  • The Stinson 7 ST
  • The Stinson 7
  • The Stinson
  • The Stinson ST
  • The San Rafael DS-E
  • The San Rafael DS-E Deore
  • The San Anselmo DS-E
  • The San Anselmo DS-E Deore


The Marin e-bike models include:

  • The San Rafael DS-E
  • The San Anselmo DS-E
  • The San Rafael DS-E Deore
  • The San Anselmo DS-E Deore.

Kid’s Bike

The kids’ bikes models include:

  • The Hawk Hill Jr
  • The Bayview Trail
  • The Hidden Canyon

Rift Zone Model

The model we will look at is the Rift Zone model. The Rift Zone model is a MultiTrac bike model meant for endurance rides, fast group rides, and personal records. It features a Series 3 6061 frame that is butted, hydro formed, and aluminum.

The frame holds 29” wheels and a 120mm platform. The bike includes the MultiTrac suspension system that helps the bike to absorb hits effectively. It has black stainless steel spokes that are 14g in weight. It also features internal rear derailleur routing to prevent snags. Its rear thru-axle is 141 by 9 mm and you can upgrade the dimensions to 148 by 12 mm. 

The three models of the Rift Zone – the Rift Zone 1, Rift Zone 2, and Rift Zone 3 – all have different rear derailleurs from each other. The Rift Zone 1 has a satin cyan color, the Rift Zone 2 has a satin indigo color, and the Rift Zone 3 has a satin silver color.

The Rift Zone 2 is very similar to the Rift Zone 1. However, unlike the Rift Zone 1, the Rift Zone 2 and the Rift Zone 3 have extra thru-axles.

The Rift Zone 3 features Shimano Deore M600 hydraulic brake levers and rear brakes with a 160mm rotor. It also has a Shimano SL-700R shift lever.  

The Rift Zone 1 features Shimano BR-M315 hydraulic disc rear brakes with a 160 mm rotor. It has a Shimano Deore Shadow rear derailleur and a Shimano Deore shift lever.

The Rift Zone 2 features a SRAM NX rear derailleur and a SRAM NX shift lever. The Rift Zone 3 has a Shimano RD-M7000 rear derailleur and a Shimano SL-7000R. The amounts in millimeters for the Rift Zone model in the medium size are 614 for the stack, 441 for the reach, 420 for the seattube length, 435 for the chainstay, 30.9 for the seatpost diameter, and 780 for the handlebar width.

All three versions have hydraulic disc brakes that can stop better than the more common rim brakes or the coaster hub brakes found on beach cruisers.


The Rift Zone 1 can be bought for around $, the Rift Zone 2 for around $, and the Rift Zone 3 for around $$$. Dealers that sell Marin Bikes products include: Boonville Bike Works, Ken’s Bike-Ski-Board, Any Mountain Dublin, and Jackson Bike Shop, College Cyclery, Norcal Bike Sport & Bike Peddler, Westside Joe’s Bikes, Tip Top Bike Shop, Lodi Bike Shop, Bob’s Cycle Center, Performance Bicycle Mountain Review, Red Star Bicycles, King of the Mountains Cyclery, AJ Cyclery, Bike Farm, Wilson Cycle, Biketek, and Bicycle Heaven.

If you’re a performance-driven rider, then you should note that your bicycle costs will probably go from over $$to over $$$ depending on the terrain you’re riding. We will rate the qualities of the Rift Zone 1 and thus judge the quality of Marin Bikes products.


We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.



EASE OF USEIts sturdiness and rear routing make it ideal for bikers who want to push themselves.
ASSEMBLY TIMEIts design may make it harder and more expensive to fix.
DESIGN QUALITYIts design for those who want to push their limits.
WARRANTYDepending on the frame, the warranty for Marin Bikes bikes can be 5 years or a lifetime.


  • Is sturdy 
  • Has a good warranty
  • Has rear internal routing that keeps snags away


  • Fairly expensive
  • Warranty does not cover shipping damage
  • Warranty for complete bicycle does not cover suspension forks or rear shocks for full suspension bikes


The Fito Men’s Marina 2.0 Speed Beach Cruiser Bike is black and has a crank forward design. It features an anti-rust and lightweight aluminum alloy frame with aluminum alloy brakes and a classic vinyl leather seat. It weighs 33 lb. and can carry up to 200 lb.

It includes a Shimano Tourney TX-55 7-speed derailleur, a Shimano free wheel, and a Shimano Revoshift 7-speed shifter.

EASE OF USEThis bike should be fairly easy to use.
ASSEMBLY TIMEThis bike may require professional help to assemble.
DESIGN QUALITYIt has a good-looking design and can carry up to 200 lb.
WARRANTYThe warranty lasts for a year for frames and for components that do not include wear and tear parts.


  • Has a classic viny leather seat
  • Has a derailleur and a shifter
  • Fairly cheap


  • Cheap design may imply not the best quality
  • May require professional help to assemble


The Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary 7-Speed Cruiser Bicycle has a steel frame and fork. It includes full fenders that keep rain water off the rider and a rear cargo rack for carrying stuff. It has a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters.

The bike also features alloy rims and a padded saddle. It weighs 44.1 lb. and includes 26” wheels.

PRICE$ (This is the approximate price without an assembly. )
EASE OF USEThis bike is easy to use.
ASSEMBLY TIMEThis bike will probably require expert assembly.
DESIGN QUALITYThe cheaper price probably indicates a cheaper design than that of the Fito Men’s Marina bike.
WARRANTYWhat you get from the warranty depends on whether you’re buying from an independent bike seller or a mass retailer.


  • Fairly cheap
  • Has a padded saddle
  • Has a steel frame and fork


  • Cheap price probably indicates lower quality
  • Designed for casual rides, not for pushing goals


The EuroMino Zizzo Campo Folding Bike weighs 28 lb. and has a lightweight aluminum frame and a steel fork. You can fold it up to carry it indoors, and features multi-terrain tires and v-style brakes. It includes a Shimano Revo 7-speed grip style shifter, a Shimano Tourney 7-speed rear derailleur, and a stem that can be adjusted for riders of different heights.

PRICE$$(This bike comes pre-assembled except for one pedal, so it may be cheaper than the Schwinn and Fito bikes.)
EASE OF USEThe bike can be taken inside and can be adjusted for different heights.
ASSEMBLY TIMEThe bike comes 99 percent assembled and only needs one pedal to be assembled onto it.
DESIGN QUALITYThe quality may not be the best, but it is able to be folded and adjusted for height.
WARRANTYThe warranty for the frame lasts for the lifetime of the bike while the warranty for the components is more limited.


  • Can be folded to be taken inside
  • Can be adjusted for height
  • Fairly cheap


  • Cheap design probably indicates cheaper quality
  • It weighs less than the Fito bike and the Schwinn bike, meaning it might be able to carry less than these bikes


The Fito, Schwinn, and EuroMini bikes were substantially cheaper in their approximate prices than the Rift Zone 1.

The EuroMini bike shows some especially creative qualities in how it can be folded and adjusted for height. However, the Rift Zone 1 is probably the best bike for those who want to push themselves.Its purpose is speed, and its MultiTrac suspension system and internal rear derailleur makes it ideal for this purpose.

For this, we give it a 4 out of 5 star rating, and because Marin Bikes is the company that produced this bike, we give it the same rating.

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