What Is The Weight Limit For A Beach Cruiser?

What Is The Weight Limit For A Beach Cruiser?

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Are you looking forward to purchasing or renting a beach cruiser bike? Then it is important to have a clear understanding whether the bike will be able to hold your body weight or not. There is no point in getting a nice beach cruiser only to discover that it doesn’t hold enough weight!

What is the weight limit for an average beach cruiser?

The average weight limit for a beach cruiser bike will be around 200-250 pounds. However, this can vary based on the manufacturer, model and even the speed at which you are traveling. The faster you are going when you hit a bump or pothole the easier that your tires could pop or the frame become damaged if you are over that weight limit.

At the time of purchasing a beach cruiser bike, you need to understand that the size of the bike is directly related to the weight that it can accommodate. For example, if you are purchasing a 20-inch beach cruiser, you will only be able to accommodate a maximum weight of around 150 pounds. But if you are going to buy a 24-inch or a 26-inch beach cruiser, you will be able to get a maximum weight of around 250 pounds. 

Now obviously just because that is the manufacturers recommended weight limit doesn’t mean that is the max that it can hold and if a person who is 251 pounds rides it the frame will break. However it is a good general guideline and approximation for how much weight the bike will be able to hold without getting damaged. 


If you are looking to buy a bike but a 250 pound weight limit is going to cut it then you can purchase a bike from a company with a higher weight limit. There are some companies that will build bikes specifically for heavier riders while other companies just offer a better built bike. 

Sixthreezero offers 3 different bikes with weight limits of 300 pounds. Those bikes are:

  • In the Barrel
  • Evry Journey
  • Ride in the Park

Now granted these aren’t all beach cruiser style bikes but the In the Barrel model is a beach cruiser and holds up to 300 pounds. The other two mentioned are different style bikes but they can hold the extra weight as well. 


If you or the person you are buying a bike for is a bit heavier than the limit for a traditional beach cruiser bike then you can have a custom bike built that will have a higher weight limit. Normally to have a higher weight limit will mean the bike itself will be heavier as well but that is the trade off. 

If getting a custom bike built I would visit many local bike shops and see if it can be done locally. The last thing you need is to buy a custom built bike off the internet and a year later have it start falling apart. Buying a custom bike locally is much better because they will often have a much longer warranty and you can find a reputable shop that has been around for years to buy from. 


If you are customizing the beach cruiser, you need to understand that the maximum weight it can accommodate will vary depending on your needs and what the bike shop says is the maximum that they can build. If you plan on customizing make sure to get the weight limit of the new bike in writing as well as a good warranty in writing as well. 

When you are customizing the beach cruiser, you will often be adding more weight to it. This can be due to thicker metal being used or additional bracing that is required.

If the weight of the actual bike is of concern bring it up before the customizations begin so they can give you an estimate. You can also discuss other alternatives if the bike itself would be too heavy for your liking. 

Often a lighter metal can be found that is stronger but it will normally come at an added expense. Finding the right balance between cost and the weight of the bike is important to decide before, not after the build or customizations are done. 


The brand of the beach cruiser you purchase can have an impact on its weight limit as well. For example, if you go ahead with a low-end brand such as Huffy, you cannot think about putting any weight over the limit on it. The maximum weight that a Huffy beach cruiser can accommodate is around 200 lbs.

If you are around 300lbs in weight, you find a better brand that offers bikes with higher weight limits. As mentioned above Sixthreezero has one beach cruiser with a higher limit. Other bike companies also have higher weight limit models so contact a few dealers before making your final decision. 


Everyone who purchases a beach cruiser (or any bike really) should make sure that the weight limit of the bike is higher than their current weight. Even if you are planning on losing weight while using the bike it is important to spend a little extra to get a well built bike rather than having to buy a few bikes because they keep breaking. 

People who measure their weight and go for an appropriate beach cruiser will be able to have a much safer ride than those who are constantly worried about the frame or rims bending. When your bike’s weight limit is followed it also makes the risk of you hurting yourself while going over rough patches far less likely. 

If you are putting too much weight on the bike, the possibility to end up with injuries will increase. You will also have to deal with the higher risk of damaging your new bike. 

Picking a beach cruiser bike that matches with your body weight can also provide you with the opportunity to use your bike for a longer period of time. You are spending a considerable amount of money to purchase a new beach cruiser bike, you certainly don’t want to damage it on your first ride out.  

When I was a kid I won a brand new bike from a contest at school. I was 10 or 11 at the time and had never owned a brand new bike before. I absolutely loved that bike and was incredibly proud of it. One day my dad decided that he needed to run to the store and since it was such a nice day out, he wanted to take a bike ride. 

Being that my bike was out and the biggest of all my siblings he hopped on it and took off. He made it to the store and back home without any issues but the next day when I went to get on my bike the tire was scraping the frame and the brake pads. 

He weighed far more than the bike was rated to handle and my brand new bike now needed new tires as the rims were both bent. 

Don’t allow this to happen with your new bike! Make sure that you buy one with a high enough weight limit for everyone who will be riding it!


Now you have a clear understanding about the importance of purchasing an appropriate cruiser bike that matches with your weight. Make sure to keep these tips in mind when you are picking out your new beach cruiser. 

When you are buying a beach cruiser bike, you can see the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer. If it doesn’t match with your body weight, you need to look for an alternative bike or pick a different style. Bending the limit a little probably won’t hurt anything but I wouldn’t go over the limit by more than 10-15% as you will risk damaging your bike.  

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