Whyte Mountain Bikes Review

Whyte Mountain Bikes Review

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Mountain bikes come in a variety of styles with a wide range of features specifically tailored for certain purposes. Some mountain bikes excel at ascents, others are made for rapid descents, and still other hybrid models aim to capture the best of both worlds.

In the United Kingdom, bicycle maker Whyte Bikes is nearing its 20th year in existence, and the company continues to churn out some of the most forward-looking, innovative mountain bike designs we’ve seen anywhere.

If you’re interested in learning more about Whyte Bikes and seeing how they stack up against the competition, check out this review of the Whyte Bikes T-130 S trail bike and our rundown of three other high-end models from other makers.

What Are Whyte Bikes?

Whyte Bikes was founded on a philosophy of outside-the-box thinking when it comes to bicycle design. A consistent willingness to allow bike designers almost unfettered freedom to tinker, experiment, and challenge conventional wisdom has resulted in Whyte Bike’s reputation for producing some of the most innovative bicycle designs around.

According to Whyte Bikes, this quest for real innovation has made the manufacturer a favorite among high-end component designers such as SRAM, a company that works closely with Whyte Bikes to ensure the ultimate integration between each bike and its individual components.

Product  Specs

The color-coordinated components on the Whyte T-130 S are the first clue that this isn’t your typical mountain bike design. As an innovative bicycle maker pushing the limits of current design, Whyte collaborates directly with component makers. In turn, these partner companies often use Whyte Bikes to showcase their newest, most innovative designs.


The tires on the Whyte Bikes T-130 S are a perfect example of the designers’ attention to detail. On this model, Whyte Bikes has opted to include a grippy WTB Vigilante up front while using a smoother-rolling Trail Boss tire in the rear. This innovative approach creates an excellent riding experience, with sufficient grip provided up front but no sacrifice in speed generation from the rear.

Forks, Shocks, Stem, Handlebar, & Seat Post

The full-suspension Whyte Bikes T-130 S features a RockShox Revelation RC 130 mm fork and RockShox Monarch RT 130 mm rear suspension. The seat post is also made by RockShox, with Whyte having opted for the RockShox Reverb Stealth 150 mm. The stem and handlebar are made by Whyte Bikes, with the gravity stem measuring 40 mm and the Whyte Bikes custom handlebars coming in at 760 mm (a width some riders might find too narrow).

Drivetrain & Brakes

The drivetrain on the Whyte Bikes T-130 S is the SRAM GX Eagle. The brakes also are made by SRAM, with Whyte Bikes using the SRAM Level TL, which some riders might find to be slightly underpowered for the purpose.


Whyte Bikes buyers certainly pay a substantial price for innovative design and close attention to detail. A Whyte Bikes T-130 S trail bike can be purchased for more than average price.

How It Compares

To get a better idea of how the Whyte Bikes T-130 S fares against the competition, we decided to compare it to the following bikes from other prominent, high-end manufacturers.

  • BEIO​​​U Carb​​​​on Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike
  • Royce Union RTT ​​​​Mens 21 Speed Mountain Bike
  • Kona Process 1​​​​53 AL 29″ Bike 2018

Whyte 2018 T-130 S Trail Bike

The Whyte T-130 S is a full-suspension trail bike that has superior components, superlative design, and a highly appearance-conscious aesthetic. While certainly costly, this Whyte trail bike delivers what it promises: top end specs that suit the needs of the avid mountain biker. However, serious riders may find some flaws in the Whyte’s on-the-trail performance, and it clearly is stronger on descents than on climbs.

  • Performance & Comfort
  • Features
  • Design Quality
  • Warranty  

With its notably stiff suspension, the Whyte does not offer as “cushy” a ride as some of its competitors, particularly on downhill, curvy rides. Similarly, this Whyte bike may feel like it takes more effort and engagement from the rider on precarious trails. However, some riders may like the increased feel for the terrain this design provides.

This Whyte Bike has many features that leave enthusiasts drooling: a grippy WTB Vigilante tire up front and easier-rolling Trail Boss tire at rear; SRAM Level TL breaks; a RockShox Revelation RC fork; a RockShox Monarch rear shock, and an SRAM GX drivetrain top that list. These components are even color-coordinated on the Whyte Bikes T-130 S.

Stylish and a great ride overall, the Whyte T-130 S has a quality design that will suit most mountain bikers’ needs. However, whether Whyte Bikes has succeeded in justifying the high cost of this bike is debatable. Anyone expecting a perfect bike due to the high cost will be disappointed. For example, some may find the brakes lacking when it comes to stopping power.

As part of the company’s money-back guarantee, Whyte Bikes still in a re-saleable condition may be retu rned within 30 days for a full refund. Additionally, Whyte Bikes offers a four-year warranty on materials and workmanship, and the main pivot bearings on its full-suspension models are covered for life.


  • Meticulously conceived design, down to the color-coordinated components
  • SRAM GX drivetrain offers smoothness, precision, and all the gear range you could want
  • Grippier tire up front and a smoother-rolling tire in back creates a nice combination


  • SRAM Level TL brakes are a bit short on power
  • Some riders may have a difficult time justifying the cost
  • 760mm handlebars may be too narrow for some riders

Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

Offering a carbon frame at a relatively modest price, the BEIOU 650B packs some high-end features into a budget-conscious package.

  • Performance & Comfort
  • Features
  • Design Quality
  • Warranty  

The BEIOU delivers high-end features and components at a budget-friendly price. The Toray T800 carbon fiber frame produces great flex on the hardtail, which improves both shock absorption and durability. While not offering as cushy a ride as the Kona full-suspension bike or even the Specialized hardtail we evaluate for you below, BEIOU has found a sweet spot with this model’s balanced performance, comfort, and price.

The BEIOU 650B features a lightweight carbon fiber frame, disc brakes, 30-speed Shimano Deore 610 shifters, a Prowheel integrated crankset, a Sunrace cassette, an RT 27.5 mountain bike wheelset, and MAXXIS 27.5” tires. We were impressed with how many upper-tier features BEIOU squeezed into this budget-conscious bike.

With additional reinforcement added to high-stress regions of the frame, BEIOU has endeavored to take the lightweight features of carbon fiber and buttress them to provide sufficient strength for a durable mountain bike. The company even includes carbon fiber material in the handlebars and seat post, making this BEIOU lighter than it otherwise would be.

BEIOU offers a two-year warranty on carbon fiber parts and a 1-year warranty on other parts and accessories.


  • Carbon fiber frame at a reasonable price
  • Includes disc brakes and 30-speed Shimano Deore 610 shifters
  • Carbon fiber in the seat post and handlebars further reduce weight
  • Total weight of only about 24 pounds


  • Offers a decent ride for a hardtail, but not as smooth as many competitors
  • 17″ model uses different brakes than larger models

Royce Union RTT Mens 21 Speed Mountain Bike

While some riders prefer a full-suspension mountain bike simply for smoothing out off-road rides, this hardtail model from one of the preeminent names in mountain biking does not disappoint. It offers a reliable, straightforward design at a reasonable price, and the large 27.5+ tires do a fair job of smoothing out the ride on their own.

  • Performance & Comfort
  • Features
  • Design Quality
  • Warranty  

Royce Union RTT gives one of the smoothest rides we’ve experienced on a hardtail mountain bike, while this maker’s signature short chain stay provides more precise handling and easier climbs. This bike’s relaxed geometry also strikes a nice balance between speed and efficiency on both climbs and descents.

Royce has kept the price on the Union RTT reasonable by giving you everything you need for a solid mountain biking experience, but nothing that you don’t need.

Sinc 1904 ROYCE UNION has been making precision engineered bicycles renowned for performance, quality and dependability.

See the Royce’s website’s for warranty.


  • A quality design from one of the preeminent names in mountain bikes
  • Solid features and components without expensive flourishes
  • 27.5+ tires help cushion the ride on this hardtail
  • Short chainstay increases handling and makes uphill climbs easier


  • Some riders prefer a full-suspension bike to a hardtail design like this
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight but not as strong or forgiving as a steel frame
  • Fat tires may not be ideal for all purposes and can be cumbersome

Murtisol Mountain Bike 26″ Hybrid Bike with Front/Full Suspension

This full-suspension mountain bike checks all the boxes, but it carries a hefty price. Featuring this manufacturer’s brand-new Beamer independent suspension, this back is tailormade for precise control on daunting downhills.

  • Performance & Comfort
  • Features
  • Design Quality
  • Warranty  

This is a good quality bike that come with excellent steel framing and is thus the best choice for everyone that needs the best mountain bike under 500 dollars. Murtisol 27.5-Inch Mountain Bike is a durable quality bike that you need to check. This bike is stable, durable, comfortable, and great for cruising. It also comes with an affordable price of under $500 and is good for budget.

It is clearly optimized for high-speed descents, it does manage to climb well enough to make it an option for cross-country riders in addition to serious slalom-style riders.

When it comes to safety, Murtisol 27.5-Inch Mountain Bike is the choice that come with front and rear disc brakes for control while on the ride. The other features that we need to mention with this awesome bike is that it features adjustable seat or saddle, suspension fork, and 21-speeds.

Warranty can be seen in Murtisol’s website.


  • The new, patented suspension system is regarded as one of the best on the market
  • Built for high-speed descents, but still manages decent performance on climbs
  • Choice of 27.5- or 29-inch wheels adds versatility


  • Though versatile, some cross-country riders might prefer a bike tailored for that purpose

Our Conclusion: The Whyte Bikes T-130 S Earns 4 Stars Overall

All considered, we decided to rate the Whyte Bikes T-130 S 4 stars overall. While some riders may particularly appreciate the Whyte’s innovative design and attention to detail, for those willing to shell out several grand on a mountain bike, we found the full-suspension Murtisol to perform just as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, for those who might balk at the Whyte Bikes T-130 S’s more than average price tag, Specialized and BEIOU deliver quality, comparable offerings for less than half the price.

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