10 Best Biking Saddle Bags (Carry Tools And Kits In Comfort)

10 Best Biking Saddle Bags (Carry Tools And Kits In Comfort)

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If you’re an avid cyclist, you may have heard about bike saddle bags before. I know I have, and I’ve even had a few of them. But, I’d never actually seen one in the flesh until I came across this one, the Kona Bicycle Saddle Bag.

If you have a tool kit, you don’t want to carry it in a saddle bag. The awkwardness of the combination is far outweighed by the ease of the setup. Here are the best saddle bags you can buy for carrying tools and kit in comfort.

Saddle bags are designed to hold gear while you ride, whether that’s a bike, motorcycle, motorbike, or car. They’re designed to be simple and sturdy, with no frills or detachable components. They’ve also typically been made from a durable material that’s waterproof, as they’re exposed to water while in use.

Longer journeys need saddle bags, which are excellent for carrying necessities like as extra tubes, CO2 cylinders, multi-tools, and tyre levers.

We put many of the finest saddle bags to the test, and here are the results.

Currently, the best saddle bags are

  • £25 for the Thule Shield (small).
  • £11 CarraDura Mini by Carradice
  • £15 / AU$25 1 Deuter Bag
  • £17 / $20 Saddle bag by Evoc
  • Medium Fizik Lin:k: £19 / $30 / €23
  • £25 / $26 / AU$43 Caddy, Lezyne (medium)
  • £25 / $35 / €25 Micro Two by Ortlieb
  • £16 for a Gike Birzman Zyklop
  • Aero Caddy by Lezyne: £32 / $35
  • £14 / $20 / AU$30 Aero Wedge by Topeak (small)

Seat bag Thule Shield (small)

The best saddle bags

The Thule Shield has a 0.7-liter capacity and is waterproof to an amazing degree. Immediate Publication

The smallest of Thule’s two Shield bags still has a 0.7l capacity – enough for a wide 27.5in inner tube, multitool, and CO2 cartridge – and is waterproof due to welded seams and a roll-top closure.

It fastens to the saddle and seatpost using Velcro straps, one of which is luminous, and the rear light loop is also reflective.

Carradice CarraDura Mini

The best saddle bags

If you’re traveling light, the CarraDura Mini is a well-priced, fully equipped saddle pack. Immediate Publication

A tiny 0.5l bag with a narrow hole that will just barely fit the necessary tube, tool, tyre levers, and CO2 – but nothing else! In addition to the luminous rear light loop, the polyester material is durable, the zip is waterproof, and there are reflective accents.

Carradice has also managed to attach a mini-pump with a pair of broad elastic straps. If you’re traveling light, this saddle pack is a good value with a lot of features.

Deuter Bag 1

The best saddle bags

The Deuter Bag 1 saddle bag is made to last.

  • 98g in weight
  • The cost is £15 / AU$25.

This 98g bag seems bigger than its 0.8l capacity, thanks to a stiff top and bottom and concertina sides. This is simply accomplished with a couple of tubes and the normal accoutrements.

It’s well-made, has a loop zip-pull, and based on our previous experience with Deuter backpacks, it should endure for years. Reflective features and Velcro straps attach it to the seatpost and saddle.

Evoc saddle bag

The best saddle bags

One of the lightest designs available is the Evoc Saddle Bag. Immediate Media / Dave Caudrey

  • 78g in weight
  • £17 / $20 / £17 / $20 / £17 / $20 /

Evoc’s tiny fella is a featherweight 78g, with a 0.7-litre capacity that can easily fit a pair of inner tubes, tyre levers, and a multi-tool, plus a little elasticated pocket inside for keys.

For what is a really nifty, tough-feeling backpack, there are luminous accents and a rear light loop, as well as the standard Velcro straps.

Medium Fizik Lin:k Fizik Lin:k Fizik Lin:k Fizi

The best saddle bags

On both sides of this efficient seat pack, there are reflective logos and reflective piping. Immediate Publication

  • 79g in weight
  • £19 / $30 / €23 / £19 / $30 / €23 / £19 / $30 /

Although it barely holds 0.5 liters, the side opening – which is protected by a waterproof zip for the majority of its length – makes it simpler to load and use than other similar-sized bags.

It also means a 27.5in inner tube, tool, levers, and canister will fit. The three Velcro straps hold it secure, and luminous branding and piping encircle both sides of this functional seat pack.

Lezyne Caddy (medium)

The best saddle bags

Caddy by Lezyne is readily detachable from its hardware. Immediate Media / Dave Caudrey

  • 140g in weight
  • Price: £25.00 / $26.00 / AU$43.00

The 0.5-liter Caddy is 98 grams, plus 42 grams for the saddle attachment. Unclipping the Caddy is a breeze, and it’s packed with features for such a little bag: an exterior multi-tool pocket, interior dividers, and a water-resistant zip.

There’s ample space for the basics – tube, tools, CO2 – and it’s well-made with simple carry-and-go mobility.

Ortlieb Micro Two

The best saddle bags

Everything inside is kept bone dry thanks to the roll-top design with elastic drawstrings. Immediate Publication

  • 156g in weight
  • The cost is £25 / $35 / €25.

Unlike the other packs we tested, this one comes with a mounting bracket for your saddle – replacement brackets are available. The 0.8l pack can hold a large inner tube and more, although the end hole may make access a little difficult.

The roll-top design with elastic drawstrings, on the other hand, keeps everything within bone dry. It’s simple to clip and unclip, and there’s a big reflective patch on the back.

Birzman Zyklop Gike

The best saddle bags

The Birzman Zyklop Gike is tiny and light, making it ideal for the minimalist rider. Immediate Publication

It’s safe on the bike, light and compact, and designed for the minimalist rider – yet even with a 0.5l capacity, there’s still enough space for a road inner tube, a pair of tyre levers, and a CO2 canister.

There are three Velcro straps on the outside and a tiny Velcro mesh pocket on the inside. Although we would have appreciated luminous accents and a light loop, the ‘water-repellent’ polyester stood true to its moniker.

Aero Caddy by Lezyne

The best saddle bags

You could fit an additional energy bar or two in the Aero Caddy’s 1.1-litre capacity. Immediate Publication

  • 141g in weight
  • Price: £32 (about $35)

If you prefer to carry more than the basic essentials, such as an energy bar or two in addition to your tools, tube, and CO2 canisters, the Aero Caddy’s 1.1-litre size may be ideal. It features a Velcro-secured inner pocket, a mesh pocket, and an internal key hook, and it can fit larger inner tubes.

The zip is waterproof, has luminous logos and a light loop, and seems to be well-made and durable.

Topeak Aero Wedge (small)

The best saddle bags

The Aero Wedge saddle bag from Topeak. Immediate Media / Dave Caudrey

  • 98g in weight
  • The cost is £14 / $20 / AU$30.

These are available in three sizes and with clip-on or buckle closures. Our 98g buckle-on bag is constructed of durable Cordura coated with Teflon and has a 0.66-litre capacity.

We wish there were reflective features on the sides as well as the back, but that’s the only flaw in a tough bag that can hold two tubes, a multi-tool, and other essentials.

If you are a bike commuter, then you know how important the right saddle bag is for ensuring that you have everything you need to get to work on time. Now, in order to increase your bike commuting comfort, many people are looking for saddle bags that are better than those available in the market. If you are one of these people, then you should know that carrying gear on your back is way more comfortable.. Read more about best bikepacking saddle bag and let us know what you think.

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