11 Best Mountain Bike Gloves (Winter And Summer Tested)

11 Best Mountain Bike Gloves (Winter And Summer Tested)

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Not only will the finest mountain bike gloves protect your hands in the case of a collision, but they will also improve your grip on the handlebar.

Over longer rides, a pair of gloves with a decent fit should help decrease the amount of strain imposed on your hands. Summer gloves should strike a balance between protection and breathability, while winter gloves should keep your hands warm and dry while riding in cold and rainy weather.

If you’re searching for a new pair of mountain bike gloves, BikeRadar’s team of professional testers has chosen the best of the lot. With sections below for each, we’ve reviewed the best winter mountain bike gloves and the best summer mountain bike gloves.

Our professional testers have chosen the finest winter mountain bike gloves.

  • Brisker 100 percent: £29 / US$35 / AU$47 / €35
  • £30 / US$45 / AU$60 / €40 Endura SingleTrack Windproof
  • £50 / AU$85 / €55 for Fire Defend Fox
  • £20 for Quantum Royale

Brisker in every way

100% Brisker mountain biking gloves

In the rain, the 100% Brisker gloves perform well, remaining surprisingly warm and gripping the bar wonderfully. Immediate Publication

So good: Despite feeling tight at first, the 100 percent gloves become flexible and fit wonderfully after a few washes. There’s very minimal bunching between the hand and the grip, the wrist clasp works well, and they’re touchscreen friendly. In the rain, the Briskers shine, remaining surprisingly warm and gripping the bar beautifully. They’ve been our go-to winter gloves for years, and they’re very durable.

They’re no longer our absolute favorites, since they can’t compare to the exquisite feel of the Endura Singletrack gloves below on cold, dry days. However, if we could only have one pair of winter gloves, we’d choose them for their water resistance.

  • Price: £29 (US$35), AU$47 (Australia), €35 (Europe).

Windproof Endura Singletrack

Endura SingleTrack Windproof mountain bike gloves

The silky synthetic-leather palm is very soft and comfy. Immediate Publication

So far, the Endura gloves have the greatest fit and feel on the grips on test, despite the fact that they are a bit stiff when fresh. The smooth synthetic-leather palm is very comfortable and tactile, giving you the impression that you’re riding sans gloves. The windproof and moderately insulated back/top keeps hands warm in chilly weather. The wrist closure is well-designed, and the overall build quality seems to be excellent.

It’s not good: They’re not as warm or grippy when wet as the 100% Briskers, which is maybe expected considering their name. They don’t function with touchscreens, so calling your other half to tell them that your transportation is running late… again is more difficult.

  • Price: £30 (US$45), AU$60 (Australia), €40 (Europe).

Fox Defend Fire

Fox Defend Fire mountain biking gloves

Fox’s Defend Fire gloves include screen-friendly fingertips.

So far, they are the only knuckle-protecting gloves we’ve found that don’t compromise comfort. The D30 cushioning is curved to suit the hand and is soft (but hardens on contact). When weaving through narrow woods, it’s comforting to have. On the bike, the uninterrupted palm feels excellent, with little bunching and a perfect fit, and the fingers function well with displays.

The Defend Fires aren’t the warmest on test, but they’re excellent for cold weather. We’d want the cuff to reach a little higher up the wrist. The grip has a bit more side-to-side mobility than the top two gloves, as well (100 percent Brisker and Endura Singletrack).

  • Price: £50 / €55 / AU$85

Royal Quantum

Royal Quantum mountain biking gloves

The Royal Quantum gloves are a cost-effective choice. Immediate Publication

So good: The grips have great feel, despite being the lightest winter gloves available (54g), with a thin, one-piece, pre-curved palm. They grip nicely in the wet and have no bunching or distracting seams between the hand and the bar. They’re ideal for warmer days thanks to their four-way stretch and breathable back. They’re touchscreen-compatible and reasonably priced.

While Royal claims that the Quantums are “ideal for riding all year,” they aren’t significantly warmer than other summer gloves. Furthermore, the velcro wrist closing tab just barely fits around the wrists of those with somewhat thin wrists.

Take into account…

In our winter test, the following gloves received less than 4 out of 5 stars, but they are still worth considering.

Swelter is a design by Troy Lee.

Troy Lee Designs Swelter mountain biking gloves

The fit is perfect, and the Velcro wrist closing works well. Immediate Publication

So good: The Troy Lee Designs Swelter gloves include a lengthy wrist cuff that offers a snug fit and substantial overlap between glove and sleeve, making them one of the warmest choices available. The fit is perfect, and the velcro wrist clasp works well. They’re also touchscreen-friendly.

It’s not good: They feel somewhat thicker on the bar than higher-scoring gloves due to sewn-in reinforcement below the fingers (despite though gloves typically fail between the digits or on the heel of the palm) and a seam along the inside of the thumb that rubs against the grip. When they’re wet, they’re much more slick.

Our experienced testers have chosen the finest summer mountain biking gloves.

  • £20 / $21 / AU$50 Endura Humvee Lite II
  • Ace 2.0 by Troy Lee Designs costs £35 / $36 / AU$70.
  • Celium 2 100 percent: £25 / $28 / AU$40
  • Outsider Giro: £45 / $45

Hummvee Lite II by Endura

Best mountain bike gloves

The Hummvee Lite II gloves from Endura are a fantastic summer choice. Andy Lloyd is a writer who lives in the United

So far, so good: Endura’s Humvee Lite gloves include a synthetic leather palm that is thin yet feels more protective than others in this category. It also helps that the precise cut ensures a secure hold on the bar with no bunching.

They don’t get too hot because to the mesh backing, and that backing (combined with the excellent fit) ensures they remain nice and secure. When we yanked hard on the bar, our hands never moved in the gloves. The back of the thumb is covered by the snot wipe. Plus, they’re a steal at full retail pricing.

It’s not good: The finger seams are noticeable at first, but you get used to them.

  • AU$50 / £20 / $21 / £20

Ace 2.0 by Troy Lee Designs

Best mountain bike gloves

The silky-smooth, elastic cuff is one of the most appealing characteristics. Andy Lloyd is a writer who lives in the United

So good: If you’re looking for a pair of “barely there” gloves, Troy Lee Designs’ Ace 2.0s should be at the top of your list. They’re light and breathable, yet they’re very secure while you’re climbing or tossing the bike about. The thin palm provides enough of grip sensation, and we didn’t experience any bunching due to the well-shaped cut.

The silky-smooth, elastic cuff, which wraps around your wrist gently and firmly, helping to lock the glove onto your hand without feeling excessively tight or uncomfortable, is one of the best features.

No good: They’re expensive relative to the rest of the list, but they last a long time.

  • Price: £35 (US$36) / $70 (AU$70)

Celium 2 is 100 percent pure.

Best mountain bike gloves

The grip’s narrow, perforated palm provides a lot of sensation. Andy Lloyd is a writer who lives in the United

So good: The Celium 2s have a really remarkable, hand-hugging cut and a super-secure feel on the bike. They don’t move on your hands while you’re pushing hard on the bike and tugging at the bar, thanks to the tight, elastic mesh top and inconspicuous but rock-solid belcro clasp at the cuff.

The perforated, narrow palm provides a lot of input from the grip and is well-shaped so it doesn’t bunch up. The prices are also fair.

No thanks: We’d like to see less silicone print on the palm since it may become slick when wet. A little snot wipe on the thumb would be great as well.

  • Price: £25.00 / $28.00 / AU$40.00

Outsider Giro

Best mountain bike gloves

Giro’s Outsider gloves aren’t inexpensive, but they’re well-made and function very well. Immediate Media / Russell Burton

So good: With a stable, comfortable fit, the Outsiders are ideal for cycling in warmer weather. They’re very well-made and designed to last. We liked the bar’s smooth leather palm, which gives it a really connected sense. Strapless cuffs allow you to move freely around your wrists.

No good: The price is a bit expensive for summer gloves, and our tester found the fingers to be a little lengthy.

Take into account…

In our summer test, the following gloves received less than 4 out of 5 stars, but they are still worth considering.

Ranger Fox

Best mountain bike gloves

The Velcro fastening is safe and secure without being overbearing. Andy Lloyd is a writer who lives in the United

So far, so good: The Rangers aren’t the lightest or breeziest team in the league, but they’ll take their share of scuffs without flinching. Even when you’re working hard, they don’t become too hot.

We appreciate the Velcro clasp, which is secure without being intrusive, and the snot wipe on the thumb is tiny but useful. They’re quite reasonably priced, especially considering how well-made they are.

We wouldn’t purchase these without trying them on first since they’re very large and the fingers are a bit baggy. (Sizing down may help avoid this.) The thick silicone print on the thumb, index, and middle fingers isn’t our favorite since it becomes slippery when wet.

  • Price: $22 / $25 / $40 AUD

Transition to 7iDP

Best mountain bike gloves

The microfiber snot wipe on the thumb is a nice touch. Andy Lloyd is a writer who lives in the United

So good: These are reasonably priced, featuring a perforated, ultra-thin palm that allows you to feel every hump and bump. The palm has almost no print, which we like since it prevents it from becoming slippery when wet. The flexible mesh top keeps things breathable, so there’s no need to be concerned about sweating. The microfibre snot wipe on the thumb is also a favorite.

The 7iDPs’ upper isn’t the tightest across the back of the hand, and there was some little movement within the gloves at times. The palms bunched up a bit on occasion, which needed to be straightened out to prevent any hand pain.

Race for the Royals

Best mountain bike gloves

Because of the mesh top, there’s no risk of overheating. Andy Lloyd is a writer who lives in the United

So far, the Royals are quite similar to the 7iDPs in terms of fit and feel, with a thin, feedback-rich, perforated palm. The mesh top helps to keep things light and breezy, so there’s no risk of overheating. The Race gloves are well-fitting and true-to-size thanks to precise shaping and a decent cut.

It’s not good: The mesh top on these gloves, as on the Transitions, doesn’t seem as snug across the back of the hand as it does on other gloves, so we did notice our hands shifting within them from time to time. They’re also ten pounds more expensive than the 7iDPs and don’t come with a nose wipe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What gloves are best for mountain biking?

The best gloves for mountain biking are the ones that fit your hands well and have a good grip.

What are the best winter mountain bike gloves?

The best winter mountain bike gloves are the ones that fit your hands and are comfortable.

Why are MTB gloves full finger?

MTB gloves are full finger because they need to be able to grip the handlebars of a mountain bike.

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