6 Best Summer Cycling Mitts (All Reviewed By Our Experts)

6 Best Summer Cycling Mitts (All Reviewed By Our Experts)

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What better way to kick off your summer than by getting outside and heading for a bike ride? The weather may not be perfect yet, but long after the sun goes down, cycling in your cycling mitts will keep your hands nice and toasty.

The summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get out on the bike for some training! Whether you like to ride around the neighbourhood or go on longer rides, some good cycling gear is essential to keep you safe. This year we went through six pairs of cycling mitts to find the best ones for you.

Cycling gloves for summer are an essential piece of kit, especially if you intend to get out and about during the warmer months. There are a wide range of gloves available, from gloves designed to keep you warm while you ride, to those which help you control your bike, but all of them are different: some are leather gloves, others are thin and lightweight, and some are cut quite snug. So, what’s the most comfortable gloves for summer cycling? The best summer gloves for men and women focus on the following: – Key features: the first thing you should look for in a pair of riding gloves is ease of use, the second element is fit, and the third is style. – Comfort: it’s worth finding a pair of gloves which


Fingerless summer cycling gloves or mitts protect your hands’ skin in the case of a collision and make holding your handlebars simpler when it’s hot and humid.

A decent pair of mitts will be constructed of materials that are both breathable and comfortable, with padding strategically placed for added comfort.

You can spend a lot of money on gloves from a “luxury” brand, but there are several good, cheap alternatives on the market, beginning at less than £20 / $50.

To discover the finest summer riding gloves for 2021, we evaluated six sets of mitts.

Check out our guide to the best cycling gloves for winter if you’re looking for full-finger gloves for chilly weather.

2021’s best summer cycling mittens

All of these mitts received four or more stars out of five:

  • £37 / $45 / AU$60 Supergel Giro Strade Dure
  • £18 Altura Airstream Mitt
  • Blackbeard, the Stolen Goat: £20 / $48
  • £35 / $45 Aerogel Endura FS260 Pro

Giro Strade Dure Supergel

Best fingerless cycling gloves

Strade Dure Supergel gloves by Giro. Immediate Media/David Caudery

These are ideal if you like a lot of cushioning on your mitts. At the base of the palm and inner thumb, as well as across the synthetic suede palm tops, they feature thick Dual Layer Technogel with Rebound Foam cushions. Finger tabs make it easier to take them off, and the Velcro on the back holds them in place.

Extremely comfy, though a little pricey.

Airstream Mitts by Altura

Best fingerless cycling gloves

Airstream Mitts by Altura. Immediate Media/David Caudery

The Altura Airstream Mitts provide excellent, but not excessive, cushioning on the palm and heel of the thumb, which includes memory foam, as well as breathable, wicking, perforated palm panels that combine to provide decent grip and comfort.

There’s also a big microfiber sweat wipe, convenient finger pull tabs, and, best of all, an affordable price.

Blackbeard’s Stolen Goat

Best fingerless cycling gloves

Goat gloves have been stolen. Immediate Media/David Caudery

Arrrghh! With Stolen Goat’s velcro-free “Blackbeard” mittens, you can let your inner pirate go (one of a whopping 22 designs).

Pull tabs beneath the two middle fingers and beautiful soft padding across the palms distinguish these snug-fitting microfibre and cotton gloves. Although the ‘sweat wipe’ is rather tiny, the well-placed seams and padding provide excellent comfort.

Endura FS260 Pro Aerogel

Best fingerless cycling gloves

Fingerless Endura FS260 Pro Aerogel gloves. Immediate Media/David Caudery

The rubbery silicone palms, which feature large vented gel pads on the lower palm and a narrower strip at the top on these long-lasting gloves, provide excellent grip.

They feature the widest Velcro straps of all the mitts tested, Terry wipes that run the length of the thumb, and lightweight wicking backs. Finger tabs complete the package.

Also put to the test

2nd Northwave Flag

Best fingerless cycling gloves

Mitts with the Northwave Flag on them. Immediate Media/David Caudery

Lightweight, well-ventilated gloves with lots of cushioning across the lower palm and less padding over the tops, due to a perforated synthetic leather palm.

When riding on the tops, you can feel the somewhat noticeable seam on the inside of the thumb, but when riding on the hoods, you can feel the slightly prominent seam on the inside of the thumb. A decently sized sweat wipe.

Cabrio Castelli Rosso Corsa

Best fingerless cycling gloves

Cabrio mittens from Castelli Rosso Corsa. Immediate Media/David Caudery

Castelli’s engineers accomplished this by eliminating the thumb and perspiration wipe, as well as having a wide rear cut-out.

These are very light, weighing just 25g each pair. They have huge areas of CDS (Castelli Damping System) cushioning over the palm, which is impressive. Comfy, light, and aerodynamic. But there are no thumbs?!

The best cyclist know that your hands are a vital part of your ride. Mine are tough and calloused, but they also get cold. That’s where these responsive, waterproof, summer cycling mitts come in. They’re made of a soft, gel-like silicone material that feels just right on my hands.. Read more about best cycling gloves australia and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best summer cycling gloves?

The best summer cycling gloves are the ones that you feel comfortable with. You should also consider the weather and how often you will be riding your bike.

What are the best cycling mitts?

The best cycling mitts are those that are made from a material that is breathable and will not cause any friction or chafing.

What cycling gloves do the pros use?

The pros use the Mavic Air Pro Cycling Gloves.

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