8 Best Electric Mountain Bikes: Top-Rated eMTBs To Tame The Trails

8 Best Electric Mountain Bikes: Top-Rated eMTBs To Tame The Trails

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The sheer number of electric mountain bikes available may be confusing. We’ve prepared a list of the finest eMTBs to help you choose. Best? You may always change your mind because these motorcycles typically last two years!

There are several great electric mountain bikes. It’s up to you to choose. We scoured the reviews to find the finest electric mountain bikes. Here are the finest eMTBs of 2018. (and the previous year). The best ones I tried to win. You may use my own subjective scoring system if you want. Why? You can probably find better or at least similar bikes.

You may take a brief ride on an electric mountain bike to experience the descents. You might even focus on climbing the steepest, most challenging slopes you can find or go longer and faster while giggling. Because you can cover a lot of ground quickly, you may discover new places. As the designs develop, the handling increasingly equals – and in some instances exceeds – conventional mountain bikes.

Marin Alpine Trail E2

Best electric mountain bikes

The Alpine Trail E2 is a formidable bike thanks to its slack design and Shimano’s EP8 engine.

  • As tested, £5,695 / €6,199 / $5,999
  • Marin’s first full-suspension electric mountain bike
  • Capable, enjoyable, and at ease

The Alpine Trail E will be Marin’s first full-suspension electric mountain bike. The Alpine Trail E is a capable, fun, and comfortable e-MTB with a well-thought-out spec that offers great value for money (top-spec dampers, Shimano drivetrains, and branded components). Shimano’s new EP8 engine powers a 150mm travel aluminum frame with an aggressive, descent-focused design. The Alpine Trail E2 is a versatile bike that delivers on Marin’s promise of a bike that makes you grin. The Alpine Trail E1 is also available for £4,295 / $4,499 / €4,899.

Canyon Spectral: ON CF 7.0

Best electric mountain bikes

Although the geometry isn’t the most advanced, it’s nevertheless a stylish and well-performing bike.

  • As tested, £4,299 / €4,497
  • The primary frame is made of carbon.
  • When ridden quickly, it has a lot of fun handling.

The Canyon Spectral: ON was updated in March 2020, with a carbon mainframe and an alloy rear triangle, with an integrated 504Wh battery. Like its predecessor, it has dual-wheel sizes, 29in front and 27.5in the rear. With 150mm of travel and a RockShox Deluxe Select shock, the CF 7.0 features a Shimano Steps E8000 motor and a 12-speed Shimano XT mech. The motor can climb steep slopes, and the ride is bouncy rather than grounded while driving quickly. We also tested the £6,499 Spectral: ON CF 9.0. Although its components are better, we see no reason to choose it over the 7.0.

Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro

Best electric mountain bikes

Long-termer Matthew’s Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro.

  • £4,499 / €4,999 / $5,600 / AU$ 5,600 As of the time of testing, the price was $7,499
  • Controls are simple to use.
  • Mode of Smart Assist
  • On the heavier side of things

The Yamaha SyncDrive motor and 500Wh battery on Giant’s Trance E+ 1 offers ample range. The Smart Assist feature, which adapts motor power to your riding style, had us blown away. It has a lot of force while climbing but eases down when flat or descending. This budget model has Shimano Deore XT gears and brakes and Fox suspension. The Trance E+ 1 Pro weighs in at than 24kg.

Santa Cruz Bullit CC X01 RSV

Best electric mountain bikes

The top-of-the-line model is the Santa Cruz Bullit CC X01 RSV. Immediate Media / Ian Linton

  • As tested, £10,499 / €11,699 / $11,499
  • A bike that is very quick and capable.
  • On higher slopes, it’s possible to overload the forks and brakes.

A 170mm travel e-MTB with a carbon frame and several wheel sizes, the Santa Cruz Bullit have been around since 1998. The bike’s climbing skills shone out during testing, thanks to the Shimano EP8 motor. However, slower, narrower, and steeper sections need a bit more care. This top-of-the-line Bullit CC X01 RSV begins at £6,899 / $7,499 / €7,699 and goes up to £10,499 / $11,499 / €11,699 for the Steps E7000 engine.

Overvolt GLP 2 Elite by Lapierre

Best electric mountain bikes

Lapierre created the Overvolt GLP to participate in the burgeoning bike racing scene.

  • As of the time of testing, the price was £5,399
  • Agile, ready to pivot, and quick to jump over and around obstacles
  • On hills, it may be difficult to manage.

These two riders have won races on the Lapierre Overvolt GLP 2 Elite, designed for the growing motor-assisted racing sector. The Overvolt is agile and ready to delight on the trails, thanks to its carbon frame. The small battery limits range and the front-end may be difficult to handle on slopes.

eOne-Forty 9000 by Merida

Best electric mountain bikes

The Merida eONE FORTY 9000 is the eONE FORTY’s top-of-the-line model.

  • As tested, £7,000 / €7,199
  • Handling dexterity
  • On difficult terrain, the suspension holds it back.

This bike has the same carbon frame and alloy rear end as the eOne-Sixty but adds a 133mm travel shock and steeper head and seat tube angles. Powered by a Shimano Steps E8000 motor with a 504Wh battery incorporated in the down tube. With its short suspension and front-end geometry, the eOne-Forty is a little unstable on steep descents.

Crafty R 29 Mondraker

Best electric mountain bikes

For more aggressive riders, the Mondraker Crafty R 29 full-suspension e-MTB offers plenty of composure.

  • As tested, £5,899 / $7,199
  • Excellent cornering grip and super-stable
  • A strong motor with balanced weight distribution.

With a 25.1kg weight and a long wheelbase, the Crafty is not a quick bike, but it is composed and has an excellent cornering grip. However, smaller or more hesitant riders may find it difficult to handle the bike and ride it energetically.

Turbo Levo specialized

Best electric mountain bikes

The newest Levo marks a significant engineering leap, lengthened, slackened, and losing significant weight. Immediate Media / Mick Kirkman

  • AU$7,500 / £4,249 / €4,799 / $4,975 / £4,249
  • Excellent frame and motor.
  • Speculation is holding you back.

The Turbo Levo’s frame is one of the best we’ve seen, with great geometry and a ride that feels like pedaling. We liked Spesh’s smooth 2.1 motors, despite their lack of torque. Our only complaint is the Turbo Levo’s weak brakes and bouncy tires.

Types of electric mountain bikes

Best electric mountain bikes

They come in a variety of styles. Lapierre/Echeverri. With travel of about 150mm, first-generation e-MTBs tended to be trail-oriented. Overbuilt downhill bikes like the Specialized Turbo Lenovo and Cannondale Moterra Neo are at one end of the spectrum. Like e-road bikes, lightweight machines like the Specialized Turbo Levo SL and Lapierre zesty use smaller batteries and less powerful motors. Compared to more durable bikes, this lowers weight and increases agility.

Most E-MTBs have 29in wheels, although ‘mullet builds’ with 29in front and 27.5in rear wheels are becoming increasingly common. Due to the smaller rear wheel, this setup offers exceptional front-end stability and back-end maneuverability. Two are Canyon Spectral: ON and Vitus E-Escape. Trail-oriented electric hardtails like the Canyon Grand Canyon: ON and Kinesis Rise are also available.

Motors for electric mountain bikes

Best electric mountain bikes

Motors from Bosch, Shimano, and Yamaha are common. e-MTB motors like Bosch, Shimano Steps, and Yamaha are popular, but Fazua’s lightweight motor shows up on more weight-conscious bikes. Bosch Performance Line CX motors provide 600Wh peak power and 75Nm torque. Excellent energy management allows the device to get a lot of mileage out of its battery. The Shimano E-8000 and E-7000 systems are popular, although they have less power and torque than contemporary rivals. It has a lower range because of the smaller batteries, but it is lightweight, compact, and has adjustable power.

Shimano has recently launched the new EP8 motor. This reduces pedaling drag, improves range, and lowers Q-factor while increasing torque to 85Nm. Shimano raised the battery capacity to 630Wh with the EP8. Modern electric mountain bikes have it more often. Yamaha’s Syncdrive Promotor powers Giant’s e-MTBs. Smart Assist mode determines how much power to give based on six sensors, one of which is a gradient sensor. Moderne-MTBs, like the Lapierre zesty, use the same Fazua motor technology as road bikes. That means less weight and less battery capacity. This implies greater pedaling effort, but the bike weighs closer to self-propelled models. The battery may also be completely removed, and the bike is ridden without it. Specialized builds its own motors, which power most of its electric bikes.

The Turbo Levo SL trail bike has a low torque SL 1.1 motor and a 320Wh battery for reduced weight.

Battery capacity for electric mountain bikes

Best electric mountain bikes

Some bikes’ range may be extended by adding a battery. Most electric mountain bikes have 500Wh-700Wh batteries to assist you uphill and provide adequate power and range. e-MTBs with internal batteries have cleaner lines than those with external batteries. These reduce weight and enable devices like the Lapierre Overvolt to place the battery lower and more centrally. As previously mentioned, smaller capacity (250Wh) e-MTB batteries are becoming increasingly popular. They trade up range for less weight and perhaps improved handling. Mountain biking has become a popular weekend activity, with many riders looking for the perfect bike. But there’s a lot to consider when choosing the best eMTB for you, including the terrain you want to ride and your riding partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best e-bike for trails?

The best e-bike for trails is the Kalkhoff Prodigy.

What is the best mountain bike for trails and jumps?

The best mountain bike for trails and jumps is a hardtail.

Do eBikes damage trails?

No, eBikes do not damage trails.

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