Are Beach Cruiser Bicycles Good For Beginners?

Are Beach Cruiser Bicycles Good For Beginners?

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Should you purchase a beach cruiser if you are a novice at bike riding? Choosing the perfect bike for you is incredibly difficult. It is even more difficult if you have never bought a bike before or if you haven’t been on a bike since you were a kid. 

Are beach cruiser bikes good for beginners? It is really a matter of opinion. For most people a beach cruiser is an excellent choice because they can be ridden in a variety of places and they are simple to learn and maintain. With either a single gear or a few gears it makes it easier for the beginner to just pick up and ride. 

A beach cruiser is not as rough and rugged as a mountain bike, or as fast as a road bike but it offers you the kind of bike fun that everyone at all stages of experience can enjoy.

Is it easy to ride a beach cruiser? In one word, YES! Riding a beach cruiser is incredibly simple and easy to learn even if you have never been on a bike before. Most beach cruisers are simply peddle forward to go forwards and pedal backwards to stop, just like most people’s first bike! 

Many beach cruisers still look and function the same as they did back in the 1950s. Some models come with gears or hand brakes but not much has changed over the years. Beach cruisers are a solid bike for beginners and expert riders alike. 


What’s a beach cruiser first of all? Generally, these bicycles have larger tires, a large bicycle seat designed for comfort, coaster brakes, and a special frame of thin or thick angled bars. Beach cruisers are easy to pick out of a lineup as many of them still have the same stylings that they originally had. 

The last time you went to the beach you probably saw a few while you were there. They are popular to use on the sand or just on the boardwalk and allow their riders to enjoy the scenery while also enjoying the wind in their hair.  

A beach cruiser’s style is quite a bit different from other bikes. They are styled with a much less aggressive stance and really are just designed to look relaxed all the time. 

Most beach cruisers are very well built and are a great way to get around town as long as there aren’t many large hills or other rough terrain. Since they are often single geared then they don’t work well on anything but flat surfaces. 


If you are planning on riding along the beach or just going around town then purchasing a beach cruiser is a no brainer. They are a nice, comfortable ride that allows you to concentrate on the road and things around you rather than trying to change gears or worrying about which brake to push down on your handlebars. 

A beach cruiser isn’t designed to be rode for super long distances as you the single gear means that you normally can’t go as fast as you would with other bikes but many people use them extensively for commuting to work or enjoying a day in the sun. 

Just because you don’t live on the beach doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy a beach cruiser either. They are excellent bikes for any area that isn’t too hilly. 

If you are planning on long trips across many miles than a road bike or hybrid bike would be a better choice. Since both of those styles have many gears they are easier to use on a variety of terrains and you can go much faster than you can on a single speed cruiser. 

A mountain bike is another good option if you venture off road often. Most mountain bikes work fine on pavement as well as offroad so if you plan on hitting the trails often then there is no reason to buy a beach cruiser and a mountain bike. 


Is it easy to ride cruiser bikes? Yes, and no. This can depend on if you purchase the right style and size that you need as well as the area that you are going to use it at. As mentioned earlier beach cruisers aren’t good with hills so if your town or city has more than a couple hills then a beach cruiser isn’t a good option for beginners or experts! 

A traditional beach cruiser bike can easily handle the flat ground and give you a relaxed and comfortable ride. If you have some small to medium sized hills you can get a three or seven speed beach cruiser to help you handle those a little easier. 


Most beach cruisers and models can be found online. You will see tests and a range of measurements and functionality given by many different brands. If you want to buy a used beach cruiser, I suggest you check Amazon or Craigslist.

Before purchasing make sure that the traditional sized cruiser fits your frame. Most beach cruisers have 26” tires and are designed with a one sized fits most style. If you have never been on a beach cruiser before don’t make a purchase until you are sure that the size and style fits you well 


Owning a beach cruiser has many benefits. Some of the most common benefits that you will notice is:

  • Every day you can use your bike for pleasure or for some exercise to help clear your mind at the end of the day. 
  • Beach cruisers are a comfortable ride so you don’t have to worry too much about having a sore butt after riding it a few miles.
  • A beach cruiser will help you have good posture while riding. Since beach cruisers are designed for you to be sitting upright rather than crouched over this will be better for your back in the long term. 
  • Beach cruisers are great for small trips to the store or for running errands. Many cruisers will have a basket on the front or back that can fit small items and allow you to drop off or pick up items without too much difficulty. 
  • Since most beach cruisers are single speed then you don’t have to worry about the giant gears getting caught on your clothes and damaging them or getting them dirty. 
  • They are just pretty to look at. Beach cruisers are like a restored antique car going down the road. When you see it you can’t help but stop and stare. 


Classic Cruiser: The classic cruiser is by far the most common and frequently purchase. It is a basic stainless steel framework with 26-inch pipes and curved handles. They can be found in various colors. Normally, these are the ones you see when you go to the beach. 

Cruiser Stretch: the principal distinction between this and the iconic cruiser is the design. It is much slower and facilitates a comfortable stance because the pedals are towards the front of the frame. 

Lowrider Cruisers: Lowrider cruisers are designed for their looks.  The sleek height of this form of cycling cruiser is far lower to the ground as is obvious with their name.

Chopper Cruiser: This style is normally designed to look like a motorcycle chopper Most of them have large handlebars, front and back tires in different sizes, longer forks and several personalized additional features.


Beach cruisers are a great choice for beginners and experts alike as long as the terrain and how you will use it fits well. Ultimately only you can decide if a beach cruiser is best for you. Go to your local bike shop and check out the models that they have and test a few of them out. 

Finding a bike rental shop and renting a few different types of bikes for a few days each is another good way to decide which style you like best. 

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