How To Put A Beach Cruiser On A Bike Rack?

How To Put A Beach Cruiser On A Bike Rack?

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If you have recently purchased a beach cruiser you are probably wondering the best way to put it on a bike rack. Of course the answer is that… it depends. It depends on the style of bike rack you have. It depends on whether the bike rack is in your garage or on your vehicle. It depends on which beach cruiser style your bike is. Of course these variables make it difficult to give an accurate answer but we will try. 

In this article we will give some general information on how to put your beach cruiser onto your bike rack but it is up to you to read the instructions that are specific to your make and model of rack and bike. 

So, let’s start with the basics… 


A beach cruiser is a bike that is often made from large tires, a straight up seating position, a single speed drivetrain, and a steel frame. Cruisers are mostly used and driven by cyclists and tourists since they are very steady and simple to ride. Their large tires and single speed make them simple but they are far from the fastest bike around so they are most often used for running errands or just seeing the town.  

Beach cruisers can also be easily modified with extras including bumpers, lights and seat bags to make your bike more useful and look a little more special. 

Beach cruisers were especially popular during the 1950s but in recent years have had a large resurgence in popularity. They aren;t designed to race or take on large hills or uneven terrain but they are great at making you look stylish while you glide down the path or road. 


Now to the whole point of the article, putting your bike on the rack. Remember that each rack and bike is different and has different lengths and widths of the frame and tires. Use some common sense and read the manual that your rack came with if you are unsure about something. 

Follow these simple steps to get this procedure done.

  • Open the rack:

The first step you have to take is to open the rack. Various brands of racks have various methods for opening the racks but most of them will be straightforward. If the part that looks like it should come apart isn’t then stop and find your manual. The top tubes of the rack ought to be in an upright position. A few racks will have different points where you can tighten down the bike to the rack. Make sure that your frame fits against these points so you can secure it properly.  After strapping the bike to the rack be sure that it fits properly and there isn’t a portion of the bike that is too loose. 

  • Connect it cautiously to your vehicle:

At the beginning, it may seem as though your rack has way too many straps, however, every one of them serves a unique purpose so be sure and use them all. 

Many people have damaged their car because they weren’t careful to attach the rack tightly to the car and as they went down the road the vibrations caused the bike to move tearing up the paint and metal on their car. 

Start with the first strap and work one strap at a time to get the rack into position. It is normally a good idea to have a couple of people during this step to make it go faster and to hold the bike into place. For a majority of bike racks, The top two tubes and straps will be used to secure the tires in place. This will keep them from spinning freely while you go down the road. You will also need to be sure to secure the horizontal straps to make sure that  the bike doesn’t move sideways when you go around corners. 

Some bike racks will be connected to the car all the time. In those cases you will normally hang the bike onto the rack and then secure it rather than putting the bike in the rack and then attaching the rack. Each model is different so knowing which model you have and how the manufacturer recommends it is important. 

  • Secure the fragile parts of the bike

The main parts of your bike will be made of steel or aluminum but there will be other parts that are more fragile. That is especially true if you have customized your bike and added fenders, lights, baskets, etc. 

Those accessories are going to be far more easily damaged than the frame of your bike so be sure that each part isn’t being crushed when you strap the bike down and also make sure that the bike isn’t able to shift to put those parts into danger of being damaged. 

If the way your rack is set up makes it impossible to secure your bike without going over those accessories then removing them or using some padding to help protect them is a good idea. Always make sure that the main bars holding the bike are under the frame or through the wheel and aren’t relying on the accessories to hold the bike up. 

  • Utilize the additional straps:

Often people are scared that their bike might fall off the rack when they are going down the road and not only damage their bicycle but also cause a wreck or injure someone around them. There are a bunch of videos on Youtube of this happening which doesn’t exactly help ease the fear.  

In any case, one way to alleviate this fear is to use some additional straps around the bike frame and attach it to the car itself. Depending on your vehicle there will often be places where you can attach a strap near the bumper or where the bike rack is attached. If you are worried taking the time to add a few additional straps should help you feel more comfortable. 

  • Try an alternate rack:

On the off chance that after putting your bike on the rack or the rack on your car that it doesn’t fit properly, don’t hesitate to change to a different rack. Yes, it is a huge waste of time as you have to redo everything that you have already done but it is better to do that now than to worry about your destroyed bike or the accident that you caused later. 

They are always coming out with new and safer racks so if you have had your rack for a while and you buy a new expensive bike it might be worth the investment to get a new rack with the latest safety features. 

So if your bicycle is new but the rack you own is old they just might not be compatible. Rather than spending hours messing with the old rack it might be a good choice to upgrade to a new rack as well. 


If you are wanting to put your beach cruiser on a bike rack in a garage or shed then this portion is for you. There are quite a few different options for mounting your bike in the garage or shed but the most important is that the racks are screwed into studs! Don’t try and anchor your bike rack into the drywall and then expect it not to fall. Only use screws and make sure they are into the wall or ceiling studs or rafters. 

Monkey bars bike storage rack

This is a 6-bicycle rack that will handle weight up to 450 lbs. Each J hook is produced using steel covered with elastic to hold a bicycle up to 75 lbs. without scratching its edges or painting. Setting up this divider mounted bicycle rack takes just 15 minutes. The procedure is quite simple.

Steady classic rack

The rack fits numerous sorts of the bicycle from the street, crossbreed, to trailblazing bicycles. Bikes having steel and UV treated frames can be held having a weight up to 77 lbs. This bicycle rack is really simple to set up. 

Two four bike rack

On the off chance that you don’t like hanging your bicycles on one wheel, at that point this inside vertical bicycle rack may suit your needs well. This rack has arms that balance your bike. The arms can be adjusted based on the size of the bike you are storing. This rack can hold 2-4 bikes without any difficulty. It is low profile and doesn’t take up a lot of room so this rack is ideal for smaller garages or sheds.  

Would you be able to put a bicycle rack on any vehicle?

Most vehicles can have a bike rack on the rear of the vehicle. If you have a very small vehicle that is low to the ground then a bike rack probably won’t fit. 

Would you be able to open your trunk with a bike rack on it?

Whether you can open your truck or not depends on the type of bike rack you have and the vehicle you own. For most vehicles you will not be able to get into the truck without unloading the bikes. Even on those vehicles where the doors swing open it isn’t a good idea to have them open for long as the weight of the bike or bikes can cause the hinges to get pulled out and cause your door to sag.  

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