Kona Mountain Bikes Review: Fast Speed

Kona Mountain Bikes Review: Fast Speed

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Humankind has always sought to explore and conquer the wild, allowing the wilderness to inspire their own innovation. At Kona Mountain Bikes, they take the boundaries of what a bike can be, break them down, and recreate them.

Whether you are exploring cityscapes or forging your own roads through nature, Kona mountain bikes are redefining what it means to create your own adventure.

What Is A Kona Mountain Bike?

Innovation is at the core of everything done at Kona Mountain Bikes. They take challenges as opportunities to solve a problem as creatively as possible. Their engineers and product experts are constantly working to improve because there are always more ways to grow and advance. Kona’s goal is to make sure that wherever you are, you can shed expectations and defy limits.

Kona’s premier products don’t just blow the competition away, they show that the only real competition is constant self-improvement. Because of this, Kona Mountain Bikes has several distinct styles of mountain bikes which they are always working to improve.

By taking the best parts of their mountain bikes and refining them, Kona has created a series of bikes easily tailored to your specific needs.

Which Bike is Right?

Which Kona Mountain Bike best suits you and your adventures? No matter your style or price range, Kona has the perfect mountain bike for you, set with customizable options to tailor it exactly to your specific needs. Whether you’re a beginner, looking for a mountain bike for your child, or a professional looking for a machine that can power through, they have what you are looking for.


The Process mountain bike is the gold standard of enduro bicycles. The central goal of enduro mountain bikes is to rip the descent. And the Process rips like no other. But what makes it so phenomenal is that it performs consistently on all terrain. The Process is all about taking risks in the name of fun, and it has the strength and grit to back you up every time.

Kona took a calculated risk with the Process’ unique geometry, and it turned into a game-changing tradition. With a front suspension of 160mm and a rear suspension of 153mm, this gravity-hungry machine is just as ready for the ascent as it is for the descent.


The Honzo takes all other hardtail bikes and leaves them in the wind. It takes quick, nimble, and agile to a whole other level. Because hardtail bikes leave out the rear shocks, additional mounts, and pivots, they are lightweight and mechanically simple. Anything can happen out in the wild, and the Honzo decreases the chances of anything going wrong by simplifying its design. With three different frame materials to choose from, the Honzo is easily customizable and ready for anything you throw at it.


Kona’s Big Honzo is everything you love about the Honzo, amplified. It comes ready with 27.5″+ wheels and tires and 130mm of front suspension. The Big Honzo is available in carbon, aluminum, and steel. If you want the Honzo, but a more aggressive and versatile version, the Big Honzo is for you.


After five years, the Satori is back and better than ever. Now with a longer reach and shorter stem, the Satori is perfect for mid-travel. Its 29″ wheels can easily overcome anything in its way. Here for the rough ride, Satori rises to the challenge.

Hei Hei

Created for cross-country racing, the Hei Hei is a balanced and efficient ride. Because the Hei Hei is aimed to get you where you’re going, and fast, it’s equipped with 29″ wheels, 100mm of fuse independent suspension rear travel along with 120mm of front suspension to help you rise over any bumps in your path. If you’re as interested in the climb as the descent, the Hei Hei is for you.

Hei Hei Trail

Kona builds the Hei Hei and Hei Hei Trail for speed. But if you’re looking for a speed machine for even the roughest terrain, the Hei Hei Trail is what you need.

With Kona Mountain Bikes’ enhanced 140mm fuse independent suspension frame, available in both carbon and aluminum, the Hei Hei Trail will turn the most aggressive cross-country terrain into dust.

MTB Hardtail

The MTB Hardtail is a return to the vintage hardtail. In the 1980s, hardtails gained popularity and became a symbol of freedom. This bike takes the innovation of current times and blends it with the memory of classic hardtails.

If you’re looking to return to this simpler time, but with all the sleek convenience of the present, the MTB Hardtail is a must-have

Fat Bike

Looking to map out untouched terrain? With bigger tires, anything is possible. The Fat Bike allows you to conquer previously unbikeable land. Expect the unexpected and explore the unexplored with this Kona Mountain Bike. Kona creates the Fat Bike for the most adventurous bicyclists. If you want to carve your own trails, this mountain bike is for you.


Do you live for the descent? Do you live by the words “go big or go home”? If so, the Operator is for you. This bike has undergone extensive testing with World Cup Racer Connor Fearon to provide you with a professional grade bike to break every barrier you thought existed.

The Operator can use either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels, allowing for greater customization. If you need the ultimate downhill machine, you need the Operator.

Kona Kids

Have a young ripper in your life? Kona Kids mountain bikes are perfect to get your young one on the right track, whether they are exploring the neighborhood, mountains, or bike park. Built with safety in mind, these bikes are ready for any kind of terrain. Best of all, Kona Kids bikes can grow as quickly as your little one does.

Easily customizable, they make these bikes to last, powering your child from their first family bike ride through their own exciting adventures with friends. Give the little ripper in your life the taste of freedom you loved as a kid and get them a mountain bike they can depend on wherever life takes them.


Because Kona Mountain Bikes has such a large array of bikes and customizable options to offer, there is quite a range of prices. You can find bikes from around $200 to $8000. You can buy Kona bikes both online and at a Kona dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Kona Dealer Locator on the company website. Whether you are a beginner, just exploring the wild on your own, or you are an experienced bicyclist, looking for a professional-grade machine to power your ride, Kona has options to fit both your lifestyle, and your budget.

How It Compares

How do Kona Mountain Bikes hold up when compared to similar products? Here is an analysis of a few of Kona’s competitors, so you can make an informed decision when investing in a high-quality mountain bike.

  • Trek Mountain Bikes
  • REI Co-op Mountain Bikes
  • Diamondback Mountain Bikes

Kona Mountain Bikes



Kona Mountain Bikes are the top performers in their field. The designs are being constantly improved and made customizable to fit the customer’s every need. They have high ratings on their mountain bikes for all terrains. Kona uses their extensive experience to give you top-of-the-line bikes that fit your needs, and your budget.

Kona has always been on the front lines of innovative mountain bike design. They use unique geometry to create streamlined, higher-performing versions of the mountain bicycles you have always loved.

With different warranties to fit your budget and protection needs, Kona makes it easy for every customer to feel satisfied with their purchase. Whether in the wilderness or balancing your checkbook, your comfort is their first priority.


  • 30+ years of quality craftsmanship
  • easily customizable options
  • constant and consistent innovation


  • high quality often equals high prices

Trek Mountain Bikes

Trek makes mountain bikes for cross-country, trail, and downhill exploring, including electric and fat mountain bikes. Because Trek offers a large range of customizable options, there are many variables with pricing.


APPROXIMATELY $200-$10,000

Trek Mountain Bikes are high-performing machines consistent across all terrains.

Customers have complained about the quality of different components of Trek’s bikes, saying they are prone to break with little wear and tear.

Trek provides variable warranties for different budgets. However, customers note they can have a difficult time being reimbursed for failed bike parts.


  • Consistently high performance across terrains


  • Lower quality of mechanical components
  • Difficulties with customer service when seeking reimbursement through the warranty

REI Co-op Mountain Bikes

REI offers highly customizable mountain bikes for all terrains. REI retails mountain bikes created by other companies.



REI’s Co-op Mountain bikes retail for a large range of prices depending on customizable options.

While REI makes high-quality bikes, Co-op mountain bikes are only available in hardtail trail bikes. If you’re looking for a mountain bike with a larger range of performance specialties, look elsewhere.

REI’s mountain bikes are highly customizable, which can cause bikes with needlessly complicated mechanics, increasing the chances that some component or another will malfunction. Because mountain bikes often encounter rough terrain, it can be more dangerous than helpful to include too many customizable mechanics.

The warranty and customer service response has satisfied customers with broken or malfunctioning mountain bikes. REI offers several warranty plans depending on the coverage you are seeking and what you can afford.


  • Excellent warranties and customer service
  • High quality bicycles


  • Overly complicated mechanics to allow greater customizability
  • Lack of options in types of mountain bikes

Diamondback Mountain Bikes

Diamondback produces a large range of mountain bikes for cross-country, trail, and downhill terrain.



Diamondback’s large range in prices reflects the quantity of options available to the customer. They produce bicycles on the spectrum of beginners to expert rippers.

While Diamondback makes mountain bikes for all terrains, not all the bikes perform consistently. Consumers have reported that while hardtail bikes perform well, enduro bikes and fat bikes are not held to the same high standards.

Similar to Kona Mountain Bikes, Diamondback takes its best designs and continues use experience to improve upon them.

Customers have complained about loopholes and caveats in the warranty, making it difficult to replace broken bicycle parts.


  • large inventory with many options
  • mountain bikes specialized for all terrains


  • inconsistent performance among bikes
  • warranty difficulties


Kona Mountain Bikes are the clear frontrunner in high-quality mountain bikes that are highly customizable and perform consistently across all terrain. While other companies try to use innovation in engineering, nobody quite does it like Kona Mountain Bikes. They have changed the game for unique and effective mountain bike design, and they plan to keep doing it, and leave the other mountain bike manufacturers in the dust. From working with professional mountain bikers to having the best engineers in the field, Kona Mountain Bikes have performance and design quality like no other.

Kona makes sure that their customer service is provided by caring individuals who understand the importance of quality customer service and are ready to help you in whatever way you need. They make their warranties to fit both your bike and your budget so that wherever you are, you know all of Kona Mountain Bikes is behind you.

From family bicycle rides around the neighborhood, to competing at a bike park, to ripping down every mountain you can find, Kona has what you need to make sure you have both the safest and the most exciting adventure possible.

Adventure is out there. Whatever your adventure is, Kona Mountain Bikes will help you get there. Check out Kona bikes online or with a local distributor today. Don’t hesitate – make your mark; get your Kona Mountain Bike today.

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