Lapierre Bikes Review: Speed Control

Lapierre Bikes Review: Speed Control

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Lapierre bikes have existed since 1946 and are common in the British mountain bike market. It was not until recently that they hit the market and since then; the company continues to produce great and comfortable bikes. The Lapierre bikes are designed to ensure riders are comfortable whether riding for fun or racing.

In this article, we seek to inform you about the amazing features of Lapierre bikes. We know the specifics of a bike that most riders look for, and that is why we took our time to assess the bikes’ frames, wheels, and other components. This is in addition to giving you the bikes’ specs. In order to evaluate the overall performance and standing of Lapierre bikes in the market, we have compared several of these bikes, hopefully helping you to know which one may have the exact features you are looking for.

What Are Lapierre Bikes?

These are bikes that are manufactured in France by Cycles Lapierre. These bikes are used by the French UCI ProTeam — for the UCI World Tour. This should tell you about the quality, design, and performance of Lapierre bikes.

These bikes offer an electronic suspension platform, a unique technology that has generated a lot of buzz from bike lovers. They are beautiful and extremely efficient to give the riders the confidence they require when riding.

Lapierre bikes come in a variety of designs and sizes to ensure that everyone is taken care of. On the French market, Lapierre bikes continue to lead on the market by producing high-end mountain bikes. The bikes are long-lasting, fast, and extremely comfortable. The frames of the bikes are lighter and come with reworked geometry for faster speeds and easier riding.

Product Specs

Lapierre bikes are available for men and women, and they come in different versions too. The frameset of most bikes is made from carbon while others are made with alloy to ensure they are affordable. If you love steep terrain or you are after a more versatile trail bike, they have a variety to choose from.

The bike has offset the main pivot and the seat tube to deliver space for the direct-mount front derailleur. They are light and have a great suspension allowing for easy climbs and descents. In addition, the bikes come with a space that can hold a water bottle.

The tires are 27.5”, a change from the former 29″ tire, but they are still fast and efficient like before—with a much wider tire clearance. The design of the bike offers professional riders the challenge they are looking for in a bike, yet the bike still feels comfortable for beginners.


These bikes can be bought at a sports store near you or you can order one online directly from the company website. The price of Lapierre bikes ranges from high price to very expensive

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Lapierre Zesty XM 527
  • Lapierre Spicy 527

Lapierre Zesty XM 327


You can buy this bike for around more than average price.

This bike comes with a full carbon frameset and a 120mm travel. This makes the bike lighter and more versatile than its competitors. It shares the same frame as the Zesty AM but the Zesty XM comes with a much shorter stroke shock. The upper shock mount is different than the rest of the line, hence, oversized pivot junctions and a larger frame.

Despite being large, the frame, together with the rear shock, weighs approximately 2.28kg thanks to the titanium shock pins and the large diameter alloy pivot hardware. The carbon frames have been perfected over the years for on the road and off of it. The frameset of this bike received the latest UD carbon fiber construction.

It comes with a press-fit bottom bracket shell which is 92mm wide to help strengthen the seat tube junction and down tube. The head tube junction has a press-fit alloy cup but the same design. It comes with an OST+ suspension design which makes it light. You can fit one water bottle inside the front triangle.A

It comes with a press-fit bottom bracket shell which is 92mm wide to help strengthen the seat tube junction and down tube. The head tube junction has a press-fit alloy cup but the same design. It comes with an OST+ suspension design which makes it light. You can fit one water bottle inside the front triangle.


  • Longer frame
  • Revised geometry
  • Better Fit


  • Needs a stiffer fork

BEIOU Toray T700 Carbon fiber

This bike comes with a great-looking geometric and trendy build spec. It features Shimano M370 ALTUS, and Shimano Acera M3000 for the speed control system. It is extremely comfortable to ride and is light, too.

The bike has a low, long, and sleek nature, which it relies on during descents together with the great suspension. It is fast due to its geometry and very stable. The rear is capable in whichever terrain you decide to ride the bike in. The bike evenly distributes your weight to give you more control and comes with generous traction.

The seat has a steep angle which gives you a great central position on the bike for easy climbing. Due to the seat angle, you can benefit from every pedal stroke you take. The rear can produce a lot of traction when riding on technical terrain.

This bike is best for hardcore riders who are used to riding on steep terrain, but anyone can ride it. If you are after a fast fun experience, this BEIOU bike will not disappoint. It is available in four different sizes.


You can buy this bike for approximately more than average rice.

At the longer end of the spectrum, there is a 444mm distance to reach the medium frame with 150mm rear travel. It comes with a full carbon frame, which is one of the latest designs with a beautiful glossy finish and internal cable routing. The frame uses a VPP suspension design. It comes with a press-fit bottom bracket with a metric shock sizing and a spaced rear end.

This bike features pro wheels from Mavic Deemax which blend nicely with the MAXXIS Highroller II tires. The wheels on this bike are a change from the former 29” to 27.5”.

From the name of the bike it is obvious that the frame is made using carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is super strong in nature but adds very little weight. This is an important quality that you look for in a Mountain bike is the brake system. It needs to be on point.  The BEIOU T700 offers dual disc brake system.


  • The rear end is great
  • Strong look
  • Added protection
  • Great for climbing
  • Great design
  • Balanced handling
  • Attention to details


  • Noisy chain
  • Expensive

Roadmaster Granite peak girls’

If you love riding at high speeds, this bike does not disappoint. It is a great climber and provides a fun experience. It rides well in most terrains whether you are going up or down.

Granite Peak 24″ Girl’s Mountain Bike by Roadmaster is an excellent all-around mountain bike that is right at home on a rugged unpaved path, cruising the moutain and most terrains in between. Sporting a steel mountain frame and front suspension fork, this hardtail MTB ensures that each ride is comfortable and easy to navigate. Knobby tire treads provide plenty of security on pavement or dirt roads, while alloy rims offer added durability and stability without extra added weight. This 24-inch mountain bike comes with 18-speed twist shifters, providing maximum shifting performance and a wide gear range out on the trail. Experience the freedom of taking your Granite Peak on every trail you know. Roadmaster has been a trusted American value in recreational bike riding for decades.


This bike can be bought for approximately for an affordable prize.

It comes with a full carbon, sleek frame with an aluminum frame builds on the lower level. It has a glossy finish to make it beautiful with internal cable routing.The rear travel is 150mm, and the frame uses a VPP suspension design. It comes with a press-fit bottom bracket in this design with a metric shock sizing and a spaced rear end. The carbon frame is light, has great quality, and comes at a much-reduced price.

It comes with 26″ wheels which are compatible with 26+. It offers a lot of front-to-back and side-to-side clearance for much larger tires. The steering track is straight, thus, much easier thanks to the 26” wheels as compared to the others.

It is a 24-inch mountain bike with 18 speed twist shifters and it is a hardtail MTB that ensures you can navigate comfortably and easily through any trail.

It features a post and remote that work well together. The spec is practical and does not feature some of the frilly stuff.


  • Fast
  • Great climber
  • Lightweight
  • Set up is easy


  • The rear bearing is exposed
  • Lacks a bash guard

Murtisol suspension

This bike comes with great geometry and is good for racing. It comes with a stiff and strong frame which makes it durable. The construction is all-alloy, hence, making the bike a bit heavier.

It uses Shimano suspension, which helps to reduce pedal bob for easier pedaling when climbing and on descents. Thanks to this design, when you pedal, the swing arm will be pulled back in line by the tension from the chain. It has a great trail connection that the suspension capitalizes on to create a well-balanced setup.

This bike does not fully excel in full-velocity down or up and may cause a bit of a strain on the rider. For optimal performance, the rear shock should be properly adjusted to the weight of the rider. It comes with space for one water bottle.


This bike can be bought for approximately more than average price.

This bike comes with a carbon frame with carbon linkage that boasts space on the back and metric shock. When the damper is in an uphill position, it harmonizes to get a great rear position. The rear shock comes with a built-in seal which is a bit squeezed, hence, it loses air.

When setting the rear suspension, you should use a little less SAG than the maximum recommended. It comes with 165mm of travel and a coil shock.

The wheels of this bike are quite heavy with a wider rim at the front than at the rear. The tubes weigh approximately 260g which make the bike a bit slower. While the design of the bike is great and has good geometry, the wheelset is the weak point. After buying the bike, you can easily change the wheels for much lighter wheels and save up to 1kg. They are 27.5″ and come with a lot of grips and great traction. The puncture protection is good and very efficient in most terrains.

The bike has been sized and shaped greatly with a 66-degree head angle. The headset lacks a steering stop limiter as it’s easy for the shift lever to hit the top tube. The Lapierre grips feel strange on your hands as the rubber louvers tend to fold away. The saddle is light and great with Scram Guide R brakes, which are efficient.

The seat comes in a 75-degree angle to efficiently distribute tour weight on the bike and still leave a 461mn reach on a bike with size large. The spec of the bike is sensible and solid.


  • Rear suspension is great
  • Great base


  • Heavy wheels
  • Strange grips
  • Noise
  • Heavy handlebar


While most Lapierre bikes continue to excel in the market today, not all of them are suitable for every terrain. Before buying a Lapierre bike, you should consider the environment in which you will be riding, the size that is suitable for you, and your level of experience as a rider — are you a pro or a beginner?

After thorough research, we concluded that the Lapierre Zesty AM 327 is the best Lapierre bike, and we give it 4-stars.

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