NS Mountain Bikes: Complete And Unbiased Review

NS Mountain Bikes: Complete And Unbiased Review

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Mountain bikes are evolving in incredible ways, increasingly raising the standard of quality in build, components, and versatility on the trail. Searching for a new bike or fresh gear can be challenging, as there are many high-end brands that are all competing to innovate with each new model they create. We aim to make this search less daunting and more exciting by supplying you with thorough research, information, and key highlights of leading mountain bikes.

NS Bikes is one of the companies that was founded on seeking the best possible hardware combinations to give riders the ultimate mountain biking experience. Perhaps you are looking for an entirely fresh setup with more niche riding capabilities, or you’re hunting for an all-around daily rider—no matter what your riding goals are, we hope to give you solid insight with each product review.

In this article, we dive deep into four unique and powerful models created by a driven team of Polish mountain bike pioneers and enthusiasts at NS Bikes. To begin, let’s check out more details about NS Bikes and what they’re all about.


NS Bikes designs and manufactures high-end and heavy-duty mountain bikes that are fit for the trail no matter what the conditions may be. Their prototypes first started to make an appearance in Poland in the early 2000s as the company began displaying their ideas at a trade show. Initially inspired by the advanced gear and riding styles that were emerging from the US, NS Bikes has come to produce some of the most approachable, well-rounded and intentional pro-level mountain bikes.

Best known for their hardtail mountain bikes, NS Bikes has also been investing their innovative approach into more diverse and comprehensive mountain bikes that offer their riders more customization options and a refined ride experience on more diverse terrain.


A Specialty brand offering 10 complete bike models and 12 unique frame choices, NS Bikes has taken the time over its nearly two decades as a company to provide the highest quality yet affordable mountain bike machines. NS Bikes is a progressive, passionate, interactive, and dedicated mountain bike company that only produces their best renditions and most capable designs.

By working with skilled and driven riders, NS Bikes has successfully crafted and sold many models that correspond to the needs of the actual riders who expressed what they felt was missing from their current setup. NS Bikes has established its own base of top-notch riders who are looking for niche and specialized mountain bike gear. Working side by side with these riders, NS Bikes stands as one of the most creative, unique, and high-performance mountain bike brands on the market. Let’s get started with the model reviews.


NS Bikes offers a variety of frames and complete, ready-to-ride models that vary in price point. As to be expected, the type of ride you are searching for will determine how much you are spending. Bikes start around $1500. You can check out more price information on nsbikes.com.


We picked four unique NS Bikes to see how they compare.

  • NS Snabb E1
  • NS Fuzz 1
  • NS Eccentric
  • NS Soda Air

NS Snabb E1

  • Price
  • Ride Performance
  • Components
  • Features

$$ – $$$

The NS Snabb E1 is a moderately priced mountain bike best suited for an expert rider looking for premium handling response, intuitive geometry, and extreme durability. This model goes for around $$$$. Check out nsbikes.com for more info.

The NS Snabb E1 is a comfortable climber with a steep seat angle that will keep your force strong and centered even as an incline grows. Its compression adjustment and Monarch shock system varies noticeably between modes but does offer power and posture to ease the impact of an intense climb. This NS Bikes model is an enduro, all-performance mid-range mountain bike that enjoys jumping and landing with a highly responsive suspension system, one of NS Bikes’ specialty engineering features.

This capable mountain bike likes to be in the air and take high-speed trips, giving you great agility and variability wherever you need to go. The Snabb’s ride is definitely intended for a wide range of terrains and challenging maneuvers requiring accurate handling. It will easily please any expert rider who is looking for a durable and agile multi-purpose mountain bike.

The NS Snabb rides reliably whether on an XC trail or shredding a high-speed downhill track. This model is developed around its Horst-link suspension system, offering decent anti-squat and comfortable long, slacking geometry. Equipped with fresh Sram shocks with a trunnion mount, the Snabb runs smoothly as a composite system. Carbon and alloy frame options exist for this model. Durable 1×11 Sram GX drivetrain, 27.5-inch tires with 160mm rear travel, and durable MAX bearings help support and drive you forward over any terrain.

Highlighting a few standout features of the Snabb E1: its frame is FSA sealed, stocked with Sram Guide R 180mm front and rear brakes, Sram X7 10spd shifter pods, a 10 speed Sram PG-1020 cassette, Schwalbe Hans Dampf / Rock Razor tires, and NS Enigma Lite wheels.


  • Versatile and agile on challenging terrain
  • High-end craftsmanship
  • All-in-one XC or DH shredder
  • Horst-link suspension great for jumping and large impacts


  • Moderate to elite price point
  • Challenging handlebar adjustments
  • Design flaws with the rim and NS wheel set
  • Tires could be more aggressive

NS Fuzz ​2

NS Bikes gives downhill riders a powerful and capable mountain bike with its reveal of the NS Fuzz. With an updated model fresh in 2018, this is sure to be the most refined downhill cycle that NS Bikes has debuted to date. Its increased slack, length, and low profile suspension system make the NS Fuzz extremely responsive and a proven world-cup champion downhill racer. Equipped with a 4-bar Horst link suspension boasting solid anti-squat and rear axle agility, you’ll feel balanced, comfortable, and in control, as you rip down bumpy mountainsides and uneven trails.

This unit is stocked with a RockShox Boxxer RC fork and Vivid R2C rear shock which gives the rider a smoother experience with more precision response time. The NS Fuzz is carried by an alloy frame, Fox Performance suspension, and a Sram GX Dh 7 SPD drivetrain that keeps you shredding even under the most abusive conditions. The NS Fuzz is a complete downhill racer that was designed with thoughtful and useful components ensuring that you will be very happy to hit the trail with its stock components for many sessions to come.

  • Price
  • Ride Performance
  • Components
  • Features

The NS Fuzz is NS Bike’s first venture into an explicitly downhill style mountain bike. Equipped for aggressive riding and intense impacts, the NS Fuzz is great for an expert level downhill rider looking for exceptional build quality and thoughtful yet straightforward features. You can purchase the NS Fuzz for around $$$$ on nsbikes.com.

The NS Fuzz rides like a true champion mountain bike that will not only set records downhill but also help you get where to need to go in order to be graced with an incredibly fun downhill experience. Its short chain stays, and solid front fork gives the rider confidence and incredible speed with minimal effort. This unit rides with power, making jumps and airtime quite breezy. Overall, the NS Fuzz is a smooth, sturdy, and powerful downhill racer with an incredibly well-designed combination of components.

The NS Fuzz is a comprehensive downhill racer that has gone through many trial sessions to reach the current model. This mountain bike comes ready to ride with Avid Code R breaks, a Sram X5 shifter, aluminum alloy frame, 27.5-inch tires, a RockShox Boxxer RC 200mm travel fork, and an Octane One cockpit. The notable changes made for the 2018 model are a Fox Performance Elite suspension system, redesigned geometry for a slacker, lower, and longer posture, and a fresh model of Sram downhill brakes. The handlebars may need adjustments or replacements depending on your body size and shoulder width.

Equipped with a Sram PG-720 DH, 7 speed 11-25t cassette, Truvativ Descendant 165mm 36t cranks, and a KMC 11spd chain, this bike is extremely durable and reliable, especially at high speeds. Its RockShox shock system makes bumpy and rigorous terrain much easier on the rider increasing the ride quality even over the roughest patches.


  • Stocked with reliable and high-performing components
  • Smooth downhill ride with impressive lightweight yet precision feel
  • Powerful Avid Code R brake system
  • Improved dimensions and suspension


  • High-end price point
  • Handlebar performance questionable depending on the rider’s size

​​NS Eccentric

NS Bikes Review

​image via N​​​S Bike

Our next spotlight from NS Bikes is the Eccentric Cromo 29 inch. This mountain bike is a combo bike built for speed and overall performance. This is a lightweight, steel frame shredder with custom Tange tubes to increase versatility and jump response. This is a unique mountain bike that delivers a sturdy, responsive, and diverse ride.

The Eccentric Cromo specializes as a tough yet beautiful hardtail mountain bike built for all-mountain or all-day trail treks. This sleek unit is equipped with modern features yet retro aesthetic and brings the best of both worlds together to rally as the best steel frame mountain bike available.

  • Price
  • Ride Performance
  • Components
  • Features

The NS Eccentric is an incredibly well-priced mountain bike that will deliver for the average rider who is looking to combine trail riding with diverse and challenging terrain. You can purchase this model for around $$$ USD on nsbikes.com.

The NS Eccentric Cromo is a classic hardtail rider with a unique but impressive feel. Its long wheelbase pairs with a forgiving steel frame that gives the rider incredible comfort and reliable control. The quality of the ride compares with a full-suspension mountain bike, though rocky rides may challenge the rider as the shock system is crafted for a more well-rounded performance.

High speeds are no issue for the Cromo with its large wheels and angled geometry. Its agility is worth noting as it responds swiftly to sharp turns and change in direction. Traversing gaps and landing big air jumps are just a few of the Eccentric’s favorite things.

The Cromo is stocked with a few key components such as its Tange comoly tubes, modern geometry with slack angles for downhill performance, WTB Trail Boss 29″ tires, a Sram NX 1 x 11 drivetrain, and Sram Level brakes. A few innovations for the 2018 model are the addition of a KS E30i-S Stealth Dropper post and RockShox Recon silver 140mm suspension fork.

We appreciate this model for its unique aesthetic and blend of retro technology with modern innovation. This bike is designed to fit both 29 inch and 27.5-inch tires depending on rider size. Stock NS components are reliable and worth keeping for many sessions.


  • Size compatibilities
  • Low-end price point
  • Impressively smooth ride
  • The lightweight steel frame that performs like a dirt & jump bike


  • Maxxis Ardent tires are not as reliable in wet or unpredictable terrain/weather conditions
  • Sloppy and questionable cable mounting

​​​NS Soda Air

Our last NS mountain bike up for review is the Soda Air model. This unit is constructed as a free ride and enduro powerhouse, giving riders a compact, maneuverable, and extremely diverse mountain bike. Its short chain stay operates with precision and with split-second reflex response. This bike is designed for big leaps, air, jumps, and downhill parks, yet it climbs like a champion. Stocked with air-sprung suspension and adjustable travel/chain stays, the Soda Air will deliver no matter what your riding purpose may be.

  • Price
  • Ride Performance
  • Components
  • Features

The NS Soda Air is moderately priced offering riders incredible value with its diverse capabilities. You can purchase this unit for around $$$$ on nsbikes.com.

The 152mm travel mode makes uphills more bearable as its typical 170mm travel makes for an awesome time on flat sections and high-speed downhill expeditions. This bike is built for durability, control, and stability. The Soda Air’s tracking response is incredible. Stocked with Monarch Plus R Shock, the Soda Air performs well on big hits and large jumps. Excellent in the air and for performing stunts, the Soda Air is an all-around dirt-loving beast.

Stock NS components deliver in reliability and durability. Some vital components worth mentioning are its 152-177mm travel aluminum frame, an X7 medium cage rear, 10-speed derailleur, Monarch Plus R shock system, and a Lyrik RC 170mm travel fork.

Equipped with many kit features from Sram, the Soda Air delivers its remarkable ride diversity powered by Truvativ Descendant cranks, SRAM PG-1030 10-speed drivetrain, Avid Elixir 5 brakes, and RockShox suspension with a Lyrik RC fork.


  • Moderately priced
  • Pro-level enduro bike accessible to enthusiasts looking for an all-around high-performing bike
  • Comprehensive design built to last through the toughest conditions
  • Awesome versatility and custom adjustment potentials


  • Spotty availability in the US
  • Older model
  • Poor tire grip even in dry conditions; would recommend swapping tires


As we wrap up our review, we hope that you have found this in-depth review of NS Bikes to be informative and insightful. NS Bikes is a top-tier mountain bike company that produces champion riders for every terrain.

We feel overall that NS Bikes vary from 4 to 5 out of 5 stars depending on the type of ride you are searching for. Prevailing as niche, pro-level mountain bikes, NS Bikes are sure to blow you away with build quality, ride performance, and progressive innovations.

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