What Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good For?

What Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good For?

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Beach cruiser bikes are a reminder of a completely different time when speed wasn’t the most important thing in the world. But, they are popular these days too as many different models and speeds have been made in recent years. So, what makes this type of bicycle popular decades after it was invented and finally, what advantages does it have?

Beach cruiser bikes are good for cruising along the beach, boardwalk and basically anywhere where the terrain is flat. Beach cruisers are great for running errands or just seeing the town.  

Depending on which style of beach cruiser you choose your bike might look like a traditional cruiser from the 60s or it might look more like a chopper. There are quite a few things to consider when trying to determine what a beach cruiser is good for. In this article we will discuss some of those things. 


A beach cruiser bike may seem like a simple single speed bicycle with a comfortable seat and handlebars, but when it comes to beach cruiser bikes, there is a lot more to it. From being the right vehicle to escape worldly realities to enjoying the breathtaking views nature has for us, beach cruisers are honestly quite exceptional. 

A beach cruiser bike is a bicycle that is manufactured especially for casual rides on and for use around the beach, but although it is generally used for leisure purposes, you can use it as a means of transportation for short-distance journeys because it can work on multiple terrains if you get a multi-speed cruiser. 

If you have had a chance to ride a beach cruiser bike you already know how comfortable these vehicles are for riding around town. They are actually designed to keep you comfortable in the first place. Beach cruiser bikes come with adjustable features such as the seat and handlebar that makes it easier for pedaling more comfortably. They often have fenders, which makes them fine for riding after or even during a rainstorm if you are brave enough. 


Beach cruiser bikes are also just plain fun. They take you back to a simple time of bicycling. A time where no special clothing or shoes were required to go on a bike ride. You could simply hop on and ride. Single speed cruisers are even more simplistic as there are no gears to shift and the brakes are often pedaling backwards just like when you were a kid. 

Riding a cruiser on a regular basis will contribute a lot to your quality of life  and it can have long-lasting positive impacts on your health. It can improve your posture since it is a proponent of upright cycling and reduces the level of your stress on your joints.  So, if you want to remain fit or lose weight using a beach cruiser bike will help you significantly.

Beach cruiser bikes are made easy to ride and they give more control to you as well. If you enjoy cycling there’s a lot you can love about a beach cruiser bike, since they provide an exceptional experience.

You can ride a beach cruiser bike on packed sand beaches and on gravel roads that would chew up a road bike’s skinny tires. With only one speed (typically), they are simple to ride. You don’t have to think about what gear you should be in or worry about shifting. Although they excel on flat terrain, if you hit a gentle hill or a headwind, you can get stand up and pedal for extra leverage. If the terrain or wind gets tougher, you get off and walk the bike for a bit as well. 


Not all bikes are the same and this happens to be true about beach cruiser bikes too, so make sure you buy the best beach cruiser depending on your riding habits.

Beach cruiser bikes are not meant for traditional transportation and they cannot be used for longer journeys. This is why before purchasing a cruiser it is recommended to do some comparison shopping. You should read customer reviews to gain insights into the actual customer experience. Also, it would be smart to consider different companies manufacturing beach cruiser bikes, evaluate the differences and select one of them depending on your preferences and needs.

There are beach cruisers for all personalities, genders and ages. The best beach cruiser is durable, strong and lightweight. These are sturdy bikes that ride well, both on the boardwalk and in the sandy areas of the beach.

Some brands considered to be the best beach cruisers include Schwinn, Micargi, and Greenline. These brands offer sturdy, strong components, and comfortable seats. If you are looking for women’s beach cruisers, there are several brands, sizes, and speeds. Firmstrong is a popular brand name, as is Huffy, Micargi and Greenline. Huffy offers an Urban single speed beach cruiser while Micargi has the ‘Women’s Rover’ cruiser bikes.

Another good option is the beach cruisers from ZycleFix (also known as ZF). These bikes are of a higher quality than other cheap models but are available for about the same price. ZycleFix offers men and women’s beach cruisers and has a variety of speeds as well as styles to choose from. Starting at $229 with free shipping they are an excellent choice for a beach cruiser beginner or someone who is budget conscious. 

In addition to getting a good bike that fits you it’s important to look into a bike’s frame. You will also want to look at the bike’s seat pedals brake pads, tires, and more to ensure that they fit your every need. Some people will want comfort above all so if that is you take the time to look at the seat, tires, shocks, etc. to make sure that the ride is as smooth as possible. Other people prefer to have a bike that is more rugged so they would need to look at the frame, rims, etc. to make sure they will hold up well. 

Ultimately, just like being a great cyclist, assembling beach cruiser bikes takes some time, experience, and understanding of the best way to bring together a number of parts to deliver the best result. By learning the basic ins and outs of how a beach cruiser bikes works you can use that knowledge to your benefit when you’re out riding and building significant riding skills and abilities. If you plan to ride on wooded terrain near beaches, you may want a thicker frame and if you want to look stylish buy a “chopper”, or a “lowrider” beach cruiser.

What are the downsides of a beach bike?

On the down side, cruiser bikes are heavy. This makes them harder to ride up any kind of a hill, and harder to transport. Their weight also makes them slow, so they’re not great for getting anywhere fast or trying to ride too long of a distance. That wide, cushy seat can get very uncomfortable on longer rides, causing chafing. They serve a purpose, but were never intended for long rides or for serious bike events. If you live in a hilly area, the weight and lack of gears for climbing will get old really fast.

How was the Beach Cruiser Bike Developed Through History?

Beach cruisers bikes have been a part of daily life for many people since 1933. Owning a beach bike may be an accessory for some, but for others it is a way of life. From cruising to commuting, bicycles have enabled us to take control of our journey and experience a new type of transportation. Always improving, the cruiser has evolved over time from simple to sleek.

The cruiser bicycle reached its heyday during the mid-twentieth century as a result of the shifting social attitudes during the postwar baby boom. As profits grew within the cruiser bicycle market, trailing bicycle franchises began to invest money into the production of their own cruiser cycle line. As competition grew within the market, companies such as Huffy, Columbia and Roadmaster began to experiment with the design and trinkets that came with their bikes.

From the beginning of the 21st century, despite the beach cruisers dominant presence in bike shops and lines all over the world, their popularity stagnated. However, beach cruisers have leant themselves to a new line of cycles, inspiring a wave of contemporary hybrid bikes recognized for their expressive frames and exalted for their much lighter build and much more efficient riding capacity. 

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